Do you like this?

As you can see, the blog has a new layout. It is more interactive & dynamic now. Let me know what you girls think.. Do you like it?

This layout gives YOU the chance to actually change the way you want to see the blog. You'll see in the bar on top - on extreme left there is a Tab that says Magazine - well that is default mode that I have chosen for the blog - but in case you would prefer to view the blog in another format - there is a drop down menu that pops down when you hover on that tab - so you can select your mode of view as per your choice.

As you can see none of the earlier gadgets (followers, blogroll) which were there on the right hand side are there. I'm a little undecided about them...

I miss them a little bit - I used to find them very useful, but blogger is yet to install that functionality in this layout. They promise to do so within a few weeks, but I want to know from you.. do you miss them as well?

Were you more comfortable & would prefer the older / earlier layout..

Do let me know! Thanks!

Have a wonderful weekend :)

And Happy Karwachauth :-D


  1. But it's a bit sluggish... because it's new?

  2. @shoppaholic: Hey! Thanks! Ummm, actually it *shd* be faster than the earlier format, as the template is much smaller, or so blogger claims.. Thanks for letting me know :)

  3. Hi Tanveer- I love this new format, I had in fact applied it to my own blog,first day when Blogger launched it.But it lost all my gadgets & customizations. Though the overall look is very stylish, customizing this layout is a pain.Do share your experience

  4. I do find the gadgets very useful & the blog looks a little empty without it. But otherwise, it's fine. I do prefer the old layout, but only because I'm used to it. Give me a few days & I'll get used to this too. I really like the interactive part of it coz I can change it to what I like.

  5. @IBC: Ohh you did? I guess I missed it. I hardly have any customisations in my html so I'm ok with that.. I miss the gadgets though. Blogger has promised to release 10 of those in a few weeks. I'm not too sure how useful readers found the gadgets - this layout is good for the reader. A fellow blogger though wld definitely miss the gadgets :D

  6. @Poohkie: LOL! I kinda had anticipated that you wld prefer the older one :D

    The new format is meant to make it easier for a reader - to give them some control over how they want to read & choose articles, since they are the ones reading :D

  7. OOOh it looks so snaZZY...i thot you shifted to wordpress or something? Yeah i do miss the gadgets ...but wll get used to it :)

  8. @PnB: Aare nahi ya, new blogger layout - they are funny, they won't work on existing issues but will spend so much time on innovation.. blogger says gadgets will be available in a week or two :)

  9. hi - I have been a silent reader for a few months now :) This one looks uber-stylish!

    Though I also miss the blog lists on the side :)

    Love your blog, it was the first one I followed when I was about to get married :) Thanks for amazing work!

  10. @Tanvi: Awww! That is so sweet, thanks! Even I'm missing the blog lists on the side.. Hopefully blogger will give us that soon :D

  11. love the new layout Tanveer! and i like that comments by you have a noticeable label :)

  12. @Corallista: Thanks! Even I liked the band - in the earlier blogger, my comments wld get lost :P

  13. i'm so glad you actually did a post about this! I really love the new layout and I switched to it for little while as well but then I switched back because of the missing google friends connect and the subscribe by emails buttons are hard to locate with the little button being on the top right! I also couldn't figure out how to add pages like About me and what not on there!


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