Places to Shop: New Beauty Centre (Khar)

The inspiration to do this came when I read a query on Wiseshe today morning. I thought I would share with you some places I haunt when looking for makeup & skin care products.
I have to start this series with New Beauty Centre in Khar.

Telephone: 022 - 26052947, 26052948, 26052949 

/Address: # 138, S V Road, Next To BMC Hospital, Opposite Khar Masjid, Khar West, Mumbai - 400050
Landmark: Opposite Rajasthan Restaurant (while we talking about this, this is a not a very nice place to eat. If you get hungry after shopping, cross over to Linking Road on the other side, it'll take you 10 mins by foot. It has much better places like McDonalds)

This was the place where I bought my first cream blush. It was NYX Red Cheeks. Fittingly that was also the first product I reviewed on this blog as well. This place has some very, very fond memories for me. I love the way this place smells - like a fresh lipstick - it's chemically but for an addict like me, it's the invite I need. It just somehow smells comfortable, familiar.
It's hard to miss the two storied building in shocking fuchsia pink.

But actually this is just the temporary store. The actual store is across the street. When located there, it was much bigger and part of the store was in the basement. That building is in re-development now and from what I hear from the owners - it will be a 8 storied building dedicated exclusively for women's shopping needs. I can only imagine the brands it will stock then, and I feel this is India's answer to Sephora.

The best part about this store is that *each & every brand* (makeup or skincare) here has discounts running *all* the time.  
  • Colorbar - 20%
  • Maybelline - 10%
  • Lakme - 10%
  • Jordana - 20%
  • NYX - 20%
  • Bourjois - 15% (I think, could be 10 also)
  • Revlon - 15%
  • L'Oreal - 10%
In addition to the above brands they also stock Streetwear, Ponds, Olay, Kaya, Neutrogena, Chambor, Make Up Factory, VOV, Be Yu, Diana of London,

In skincare they have
  • Biotique
  • Himalaya
  • Dabur
  • Nature's Essence
  • Aroma Magic
  • VLCC
  • Revayur
  • Jovees
  • Juice Nail Enamels
  • The Body Shop - some products
  • Clinique
  • Neutrogena (the imported range)
  • St Ives
  • Jergens
  • Bio Glow
  • H2O
  • Boots & a lot more!!
They also stock salon equipment, nail art equipment but their makeup brush collection is very sad. They only stock Vega.

 In hair care they have L'oreal Professional, Wella, Matrix, Schzwarkopf, TiGi, John Frieda, amongst others & these too have discounts running on them all the time

 They also have a perfume section where you get Burberry amongst other brands, but I don't know if these are original or China-made.

The best thing about this place is the huge range for sure, you can compare eyeliners, lipsticks, blush shades across brands and choose the one you like best as per your budget. The discounts also help those of us who are always pinching pennies, plus a lot of times they have GWP schemes running. The SAs are all very sweet.

 The worst thing about it is that since the shop is pretty popular amongst girls, the popular or in-colors/shades/products tend to go out of stock pretty often. Also it is closed on Sundays and personally for me it is a little bit far from Andheri. The SAs also do tend to stay quite about the GWP schemes for some reason. For a long time I was ignorant and I would never ask them, but now I know better. Always ask the SA if there is any offer running, they tend to hide the posters, pamphlets under the table. But if asked they will inform you.

I believe there are two more beauty centres at Crawford market (been there once, it was more crowded than a local train, I got scared & didn't enter the store itself) and also at Kandivali West( This is bigger than that Khar one and has a lot of things like purses and all, but I didn't like it, the place felt very thanda - not happening)

I once saw Shilpa Shetty here. She claimed she was passing by and was intrigued by the store, so she wanted to check it out. The owner of the store was fawning all over her & gave her makeup worth Rs. 10,000/- free just for walking in!! She didn't even buy anything.
I felt it was very unfair, and that I, who has spent so many hours & also money in the store should also be given a free gift hamper. But that is life. :-P

In all I love this store. I think I could live here all my life if needed. It is my favourite place to shop and I can't wait for it to move into the new building.

Have you shopped here? What do you like / hate about this store?


  1. I know excatly what u mean!! its my fav beauty shop!! every time i go there I make a sizeable dent in my wallaet!! LOL!!
    Nice post!!

  2. awww....what a wonderful post. You bought back so many memories Tanvi..

    I used to shop there when I lived in Mumbai..back then it was on the opposite side(yeah the pehla wallah ). And they used to have all these cute Etude wallah nail paints and lippies. We had a girl in office who was makeup crazy like hell(imagine doing touchups during night shifts). She used to get all these stuff from NBC and tell us that it was from Pattaya..LOL

    This time I came to Mumbai, by the time we reached Khar, it was tooo late and it was closed. Then we rushed to Irla...wahaan ALFA se I got your fave Jergens cream and some other stuff.

  3. i thoroughly enjoyed reading this, keep such posts coming dear

  4. stars r treated so xtra special in our our south,they r like gods only tanveer!!!

  5. I agree to each point mentioned here..i too find the store a bit far from my place in andheri but if i am visiting bandra i'll def check it out :) we do have a beauty palace in lokhandwala and one near Yoko sizzlers though they dont have all the brands under earth but u'll find the basic loreal, maybelline, colorbar etc etc there :)

  6. wow this place sounds like wonderland for makeup lovers! have to check it out next time I'm in Mumbai :)

  7. Hun I so ♥ NBC, I can totally spend an entire day there. ♥

  8. I regularly shop at this place and always end up buying more than intended.

  9. ahem ahem .... didnt i said you would be the best one to answer .... but i just you ignored that :( :( :(

  10. i have no idea about the place but Shilpa shetty thing cracked me up ..

  11. i wish i were in mumbai now....

  12. @Zara: Awww! I'm sure Pune also has a lot of fun places :)

    @Anamika: You'll love this place, if you come to Mumbai, I'll take you there :D

    @Rashmi: Aare, nahi yaar I didn't ignore it. :D Thanks a lot, glad u liked it.. u used to go to this store yourself when u were in mumbai na, I love this shop :)

    @Shuchita: Tell me! So do I :D

    @Gauri: Mee tooooo!

    @IBC: You must!!

  13. I used to shop at NBC till I discovered Beautiful in Khar on 17th road and havent gone back since. They have every Indian and international brand of make up you can imagine- Nars, MAC, Benefit, Bobbi brown, Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body works products, you name it.... and whats extra special about them is give them a product name and details and they'll even order it for you!

  14. Thanks KRT

    Had a very bad experience with NBC which is why I didn't shop there for years despite being a Bandra girl. Just went in today and the cashier charged me an extra 200 bucks claiming that she returned my change. Just a tip to girls who have had a fun time shopping - keep an eye on the wallet.

  15. whats GWP scheme?
    I shop at NBC all the time but never came across this scheme?

  16. Worst online shopping site I have come across till date. Did online payment and I received a message confirming the payment. Then for two weeks, there was no info at all. Tried calling on the numbers given in the website. But unfortunately all the numbers were out of order. Finally i get through after searching for the number for almost half a day. The customer service people only dont have any clarity. After lot of confusion, I received my products finally, three weeks later. And guess what? I had ordered for shampoo and conditioner worth Rs.1700/- and they give me some other products worth Rs.1000/-. Even their return policy sucks. So in short, I have lost my Rs.700/-, plus received some other useless products. Kudos!! Good way to fool people. I just hope no one else gets fooled by them.
    Order No. 1797

  17. Got fooled already.....didn't get the product....nor my money....assholes out there to cheat people


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