Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blisscovered: Too good to be True?

Many of you would have read Mehak's post on Blisscovered (if not go here).

Basically Blisscovered is India's version of Birch Box. 

Which means for a fixed price you get to try 5-6 different products, in case of Blisscovered - it is Rs. 700 for a 4-5 products from the list below: 

2. Diesel
3. YSL
4. Ralph Lauren
5. Om ved
6. Kiehl's
7. Forest Essentials
8. Armani
9. Clarins
10. L'Occitane
11. Guerlain

There was a rapid exchange of tweets yesterday night between Mehak, Zara & me, wondering if this is too good to be true. 

What if all we got for 700 bucks was 5 of 3 ml sachets. (Imagine the look of horror, followed by anger on our faces, upon opening the box)

Being the swashbuckling adventurer (or money burning blush crazed blogger) that I am, I reasoned with the other two - that it was worth one shot - we buy duds all the time, I felt it was worth the gamble to try it once. 

Lucky for me they are offering a one time trial. 

So in short I signed up last night, I opted for single trial and COD - just to be safe. I did get a confirmation mail from them - confirming my order, but it didn't say by when the parcel would reach me. They have asked for some time so that they can customize to my skin & hair & makeup preference type (you have to fill in a questionnaire when ordering). 

So I sit here, fingers crossed. I'll post immediately as soon as I get the box - on the dope. Is this for real? Is it too good to be true?


  1. Yayyyyy! even iv signd up ..there is another one...called lushbox...its yet to launch...right now theyr just taking down emails of those interested

  2. i had read mehak's post too! kinda scared that they will offer us sachets and no good products! but really wanna try.

    1. Jaish - I guess you cld wait for us "daring" bloggers to first try & see what they actually send.

  3. @Mehak: How do you find these gems online?? LOL - Thanks for keeping us updated on these :D

  4. going to sign up ... thnx for sharing :))

    1. So did you sign up?

      I still haven't heard from them :P

  5. I've been longing for something like this to come up in India ever since I first came across the concept.Fingers crossed hope it pans out as well as our expectations.

    1. I know Sonia, I too wanted a birchbox - it may simply help me spend less :D :D

  6. Replies
    1. Did you hear from them? I still haven't got my box :(

  7. Tanveer- haha im currently on my yearly leave of 10 days i have A LOT of time.

  8. Replies
    1. Did you get your box Jyoti? I still haven't got mines :(.. So glad I opted for COD *phew*

  9. Woohoo! Go adventurer/crazed blogger! either ways, its awesome ;)

  10. Like 5 full products from these brands at 700?? Y wld they do that??
    Hope it is true :)
    waiting n watching...
    Nice post!!

  11. @Simran: Those are not full sized products, but trial sample sizes generally - like 10 to 15 ml so that they last a month or so of use..

  12. I'm glad you did a post on this as I was just wondering whether this service would ever be available in India. Curious to know how to goes now..

    1. It is being advertised Gauri - but Indian brands tend to be penny wise & pound foolish, most brands don't even create samples of their best sellers to share with customers - so let's see how this fares. :D

  13. yeaay keep us posted! we r waiting for ur view on this....lots of us want to try them.

    1. I will Kejal! I hope it lives up to all our collective wishes :D


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