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Shit Beauty Gurus Say...

Hi Guys! (ok, that's from the video).

If you a fellow beauty blogger & watch videos of Beauty Gurus on YT, the video below is totally gonna crack you up. I found the bit about "To enter my giveaway, all you gotta do is...." so hilarious :-)

Also that bit on "I am totally going for a natural look as you can see..." & "This is going to be a mini-haul, because I only got 30 things..."

Ok, I'll let you watch the video yourself. :-P


So, Bye Guys!!!


  1. lol oh holy crow! she's sooo hilarious! lol dat adivasi look and my ootd! lol! i love her! thanks di for uploading this one! you totally made me crack up subah subah! :D

    1. I know!! Glad that it made you happy :D

    2. I am definitely ready to subscribe like OMG subscribe!
      She frigging hilarious!

    3. I am not sure if she's a beauty guru herself so just does general videos :)

  2. ROfl :D She is awsum at tis!Hilarious stuff :D Thanks for putting this up!Made me laugh so hard :P

    1. LOL - guess she saw a lot of beauty videos :)..

  3. LMAO LMAO LMAO.. hahhahahaha.. this is HILARIOUS!!! where did u even get this... hhahahahahahah.. love the "snorted" laugh... hhahahahhahaha :D

    1. I have been forced to spend this weekend indoors :(.. too much time & an internet connection leads to this :P

  4. LOL!! LMAO!! I think i'll subscribe to her id jus to get kicks :D

  5. Hahahahaha....she's fantastically funny! What she does with the cat is so hilarious! XD


    1. I never really noticed how "cats" seem to feature in a lot of videos up until I saw this.. I seen one make an appearance even in Lisa Eldridge's videos :P

  6. I knoww right!! I subbed to her since I saw the Most amazing marriage proposal video...have you seen that?? So cute!!
    Right now Im so hooked on the whole "shit.." should definitely check out "..girls say during their periods" and "..white girls say to black girls" and the "..white to arab" version! HI-larious!!

    1. Ohh! I haven't seen any of these videos :P.. I will check them out :)

  7. Hahahahahahahah!!! Oh lord this cracked me up so hard !!!

  8. Lol...omg have you ever seen a pink hairspray before?? lol

  9. THANK YOU soo much for blogging about my video! That is so sweet of you!
    I greatly appreciate it!


    1. Awww, I loved your video April - it is really awesome :D.. I have watched it 4 times already :P..

  10. hahahahah Tanzzzzz :D GOD !!! this is just WOW , never saw her videos but now its time to dig all of them
    thank you so much for posting this OH MY GOD !! did I said this lot many times ?? :D :D

  11. hahahahahaha ... itz hilarious

  12. i have no makeup except for blah blah and blah

    and this is so cute......the video is sooooo cute ;)

    best was when the cat came out of the bag!!! i am unable to stop laughing from that time

    and the long list to enter the giveaway!!! its soooo true...many times they have giveaways soo long that I leave after filling the form midway!

    Ohhh...nice find Tanveer...will dig out all her videos now

  13. hahahhaha silly it is !! :P

  14. Such an awesome post! :D Loved to bits! :D

  15. ROFL....i liked the part whr she said "mini haul n only 30 items" oh i have no makeup just foundation,eye makeup,mascara blah blah...... and "oh this is so cute"....haha...

  16. OMG!!! this is sooooo funny....i luved the bit about the perfume and the pink bottle...its so true yaar...freakingly so!


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