GlossyBox Giveaway Update & A New Prize from StyleCraze...

As some of you may already be aware, GlossyBox has decided to pull out of launching in India in March.

Below is the official note that I got from them:

We were asked over the last few days by our parent company in Germany, GLOSSYBOX International, to re-evaluate our launch dates in India. In an effort to bring the best experience to our customers in India, we've been engaging in in-depth conversations with several premium and luxury brands over the last month. 

We have concluded that given the overwhelming interest in our service, we will not be able to procure enough supply of products to meet demand. Hence, we've decided to push our launch dates till later this year as we work through how to bring the complete GLOSSYBOX experience to India. We expect the market in India to develop significantly in the next 6 months and look forward to launching late this year.

Somehow I get a feeling that our Indian brands & the MNCs present here weren't too keen to part with deluxe sized samples (that GlossyBox is known for).

I'm not sure if Glossybox will be keeping up its commitment to award the winner of the giveaway on this blog with a box, so I have decided instead to give a prize on my own, just to thank you for your participation. to partner with for the giveaway.

I've decided to giveaway a gift voucher worth Rs. 1000/- from to the winner of the giveaway, from my own pocket. That way you can get whatever you have been lusting for (they are also hosting a 25% NYX sale currently). Edit (23rd Feb '12): has very graciously offered to step in and sponsor the giveaway. 

If you would be interested in winning the voucher please participate in the giveaway here. The giveaway has been extended and will close next week on Tuesday 28th Feb 2012, as I am currently working out the formalities with StyleCraze and need some time for that.

All the best!


  1. Tanveer: you are very sweet :)

  2. tanveer thats realy bad on their part...
    You are a wondeful blogger :)

  3. Wow I cant believe they did that. Initially when i saw the glossybox giveaway's on other blogs i felt bad that they never contacted me but now I guess it was good in a way.

  4. thats very generous of u!!
    I have a feeling the indian resellers of these big brands r not happy! Even this new inglot policy of not selling refills pans alone without the palettes seems to be an "indian" idea. I havent heard that anywhere else.

  5. This is so shocking !!!
    kudos to you for thinking about your readers,
    your one amazing blogger

  6. This is so thoughtful of you !
    I appreciate the way you handled this situation :)

  7. hey thats really sweet of u....and thats the reason why i adore ur blog....your professionalism is unparalleled!!!!

  8. So bad on their part and so generous on yours! :)


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