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Last year it was online shopping sites that sprouted like mushrooms in the rain.

2012 seems like the year of beauty boxes. I ain't complaining. Only they should turn not out to be flashes in the pan like some of sites who initially offered a lot of discounts but now sell at MRP (You know who you are!)

Ideally I would like these beauty boxes to be specific - like there should be services that do only makeup beauty boxes or skincare beauty boxes or even perfume beauty boxes. That way you can choose what you want exactly out of a box.

GLOSSYBOX is the leading international e-­‐commerce service aimed at introducing discerning users to new and highly sought-­‐after beauty and cosmetic products. Each month, hundreds of thousands of women around the world eagerly await the delivery of their GLOSSYBOX, to find out just what the box contains for them – luxurious products for the recipient to try in the comfort of their home, away from the cramped, rushed environment of a cosmetics counter at a department store.

GLOSSYBOX is a beautifully-­‐wrapped box containing a mix of five travel-­and full-sized products, carefully curated by our experts. We’re committed to providing only the best products in our boxes, for which we partner not only with the world’s most admired and respected beauty and cosmetic houses, but also with luxurious Indian brands.

Through our service, you can be assured that you’re receiving some of the best and most innovative beauty and cosmetic products around. What’s more, you can share and discuss your GLOSSYBOX experience with other GLOSSYBOX members on the blog, or on the GLOSSYBOX India facebook and Twitter pages – all great ways to discover and discuss new and exciting beauty and cosmetic products, tips, and experiences.


  1. i agree with u tanveer abt the separate boxes concept...that wud be better!!!

  2. Wow, beauty boxes FTW! Best news for beauty product lovers. :-)

  3. They do sound great..but a certain degree of risk is involved as in what if they send u cleansing wipes?? Ur rite...we shld be able to choose what kind of prdts we want..I hope the concept builds up!! :)
    Nice post!!

  4. this is a lovely service. Basically getting samplers to try before actually buying a full sized product is not a new concept...its just more glamorized!

  5. Ohhh....when i see this, all i can see is NARS, Illamasqua and Laura Mercier..!!! ;) Ido hope they actually so send samples from these brands and aint just a show...

  6. Give me some guerlain and I'm set!!!!

  7. Though its so temptinggg...but sometimes the prdts we recieve are such what i got in my first blisscovered box..

  8. Hi everyone! We are super excited to be here in India! We ask our users to fill out a Beauty Profile when they sign up for our service so that we can understand your taste and preferences. We then try to customize what we send you based on this, but it is always a challenge to customize to individual tastes. We will do our best!

    - Your GLOSSYBOX India team <3

    1. Thanks GlossyBox!!!
      The concept sounds really fun and tempting!! Its great that its finally been introduced in India!! :)


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