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Kareena Kapoor in Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

I saw Jab We Met - First Day, First Show (yea, the 12:30 at G7, Bandra). Since then I have seen it at least 20 times. It is my feel-good, get outta the doldrums movie. I loved both Kareena & Shahid in the movie, and since then have waited for Bollywood to churn out another movie like this, which would entertain me immensely. I always look forward to either a Shahid or Kareena release for this reason only. Give me a feel-good, romantic, funny movie. This is one of the main reasons I enjoyed "Ajab Prem.." and "Mere Brother..." so, so much!

I had really high expectations from this movie, and then it went & got 4 stars! The music was awesome too! So I headed for the theatre on Saturday itself after release. People compared it to JWM. In my opinion, it comes no where close. It is a nice movie, but over-hyped. I don't get how critics in TOI gave JWM, 3 1/2 stars, but this one got 4.

Anyways, I'll move on.

Kareena's look in the movie, is pretty heavy on the eyeliner. Her lids are kept natural with no eyeshadow,  but she sports a thick, dark eyeliner all around, both on top and bottom lid, pretty much all through out the movie. This was also smudged a bit to give it a lived in look.

Pretty much for most of the movie this is her look.

Without a break.

In fact, during a night scene when Imran wakes her up, she still has all of this eyeliner on her eyes. Home girl clearly doesn't do her CTM before going to bed now, does she?.. For a movie that is touted to be "real", I found this a bit weird.

At one point I thought there would be a scene, where Imran asks her "How come you always have makeup on?"... and she'd say "Emm, I got drunk one night and permantly tattooed all this liner.. I mean, why waste time applying and removing the same thing everyday, might as well get it on!"

The liner mostly seemed black to me (MAC Smoulder), but in some scenes it did seem a bit purple (MAC Prunella) or a bit browny. In the second half, the sadder bits, her eyeliner gets a bit subdued to dark grey and blue. It is also now smudged all over the lid with a light hand.

So this look, to be honest is pretty easy to nail.

1. Apply base work (what ever you need to make your skin perfect)
2. Apply a matt cream / beige eyeshadow to the lid (optional)
3. Take your favourite dark eyeliner (Black pref. otherwise whatever you fancy), and apply liberally on both top and bottom lids of the eyes in thick lines
4. Take a similar colored eyeshadow powder on a smudger brush and just gently smudge the liner. The powder will help it set a bit.
5. Apply a light dusting of very natural blush
6. Lips are nude, so either just apply some lip balm or if you have a nude/natural lippie that suits you, apply that instead. Only in the song "Auntyji" does she sport some pink tint on her lips. But it is a light, natural looking pink.
7. I almost forgot, lots of mascara. Both top & bottom lashes.

Nails: Her nails sport a bright fuchsia pink throughout the movie. This is a pretty common shade that you'll find in almost all brands. From Jordana I'd suggest Fuchsia Fever, it's a tad redder than her's though.

Hair: She's a hair stylist in the movie, so she naturally has nice, voluminous hair. I really don't know how to get hair like that tbh. But I can tell you that she has red streaks in her hair, and wears really colorful accessories - sometimes they match her big, voluminous bags that she carries (which I loved, btw. I love big bags, and I cannot deny...)

Have you seen the movie? Did you like Kareena's look in it?


  1. Hey Tanveer Although i haven't seen this movie but I loved how fresh and vibrant kareena looked in the promos/songs. i too loved and have watched Jab we met almost 5 times .... Thanks for the tutorial :)

  2. My god .. how do you notice soo much. All I can remember of Kareena from the movie are the Blue - Polka dotted pyjamas. Must get meself one.

  3. Even otherwise she looks pretty much like this only na ? Dark eyes,blush and a pout ! Both priyanka chopra and kareena are so boring in award functions and otherwise with their make up !

  4. I noticed too tht her look in the movie was actually jst focussed on eyes..I feel she cld hav looked way better..didn't actually fancy it tht much..
    n I noticed the night scene make up too!! :P
    great review!! :)

  5. Le sigh... Red streaks huh? Now I'll have to wait for the onslaught of questions from people about whether she's my hair inspiration... Happens every time. I also wear my eyeliner like that usually. *sobs*
    I agree though, her make up stays constant in most movies and shows. :/

  6. even though i haven't seen the movie but i did like her look in the movie..she's been looking quite gorgeous with glowing skin :)

  7. i have been loving her makeup in the film from the promos, it is there but not there and it looks fun. btw me thinks she is good old hot rollers in the film, the massive ones.i remember a show called living with superstar on SRK showed kareena on film sets with huge rollers. rollers as big as her wrist. and rollers that big shall only give volume not curl coz they are that large...

    1. i meant , she is using good old hot rollers, came out sounding like kareena is hot roller.

  8. Home girl clearly doesn't do her CTM before going to bed now, does she?..i totally Laughed out loud, woke my grampa up too :))
    Loved her look for the movie, made me wish I had her skin and then made me concentrate more on my base than on the colour of blush I wear!

  9. Lovely post ,you really are detail oriented .so much detailing and tips along with it :)
    even i liked her look and the watches she wore in the movie -those ceramics ones black and white ;)

  10. I hardly watch any movies till they come on tv :/ But I looove JWM too! It is one of the best romantic, feel good movies of our times. And great post Tanveer. I was smiling throughout reading it and in some places i was ROFL too!

  11. JWM is my all time favvvvvvvvvvvvv movie and i dont miss a chance to see it on TV (whenever i get a chance i mean ) and last night also i was awake till 2 :D hubby was laughing at me and asked rashmiiiii how many timessss ??
    so this morning - A very good sunday morning dear
    i thought lets see waht tanz has to say about KK makeup in JWM , and while browsing i noticed there is no specific post but i loveddddd reading this post Tanz :D :D
    you are addicted to movies and am addicted to these post and especially when it comes to KK :D :D


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