Red Lip Liner - Suggestions?

This is a query, but not from a reader. From me.

I recently purchased Ruby Woo from MAC. This is a matt red that is cool toned (has blue / pink undertones). I need a lip liner to go with it.

MAC Cherry lip liner is the perfect match, but I'm loath to shell out 1000 bucks for a liner.

Yesterday I went to Kryolan (Andheri W - close to 5 Spice), but the SA there informed me that they don't have a red lip liner in their range.

I always thought that a red lipliner would be ubiquitous. Every makeup brand would have one.

I clarified with her, was it out of stock? or did she mean they just don't make red liners? She says "No, we don't make red liners. We have one that is fuchsia pink and one that is orange veering towards red. But not a cool toned, or pure red." (I still don't believe her, but well, we'll move on)

I went to the small beauty store (next to it. They stock only a few brands like Lakme, Colorbar, L'oreal & Maybelline. I asked for a red lip liner there and all I got was maroon liners from Maybelline and L'oreal.

(That store is a bit weird, instead of stocking products brand - wise, they stock it product - wise. So all the lipsticks are at one counter, nail paints all at one. It sounds nice in theory, but actually it is not practical. The lady manning the particular brand counter generally has half - baked knowledge, she is an SA for a particular brand and has been asked to sell other brands also. Plus it's called Beauty Palace - but it is so tiny and cramped, I think they should actually call it a Beauty Tent, or Beauty Hut)

The lady manning lip liners section told me that there are no red lip liners in either Colorbar or Lakme.

So I left the store empty-handed (No, I didn't buy anything else either).

I'm a bit confused, admittedly I have never shopped for a red lip liner before, and I find it hard to believe that non of the drug store brands make red lip liners! They make red lipsticks, right?

I know that a lot of you fellow bloggers are very fond of and wear red lipsticks regularly. 

Can you please be so nice as to let me know which lip liners do you use? 



  1. I would suggest bourjois. I'm not sure they have an exact red, but they have quite a few shades. I have a nude pink lip liner that I use under most lipsticks (including red). They are fantastic and last ages. Or you could also try NYX. They seem to have a heap of shades.

  2. Hi tanveer, i recently picked up the shade, hollywood red from the colorsensational line by maybelline for 200 bucks. you could also try at revlon.

  3. @poohkie: I have read that NYX Red Hot seems to be a nice dupe.. let me chk that out! And Bourjois - oh yes, I think they might have a cool toned red. Thanks for the suggestions :D

  4. @Afterglow: I had a hunch maybelline wld have a red lip liner - after all they make so many red lipsticks. But that lady just showed me all dark maroons, berries & plum shades. I guess I'll try in another store :D.. Thanks for the recco :D

  5. faces red is true red!! even i checked cherry one but 1000 for a lipliner really stings :P

  6. my suggestion is for faces only :) You can get it from many online sites.

  7. maybelline colorsensation lip liners have shimmer in them, so that may not to too great even if you find a red...If you dont mind a brown-red I would say Auburn in NYX, it may even tone the pure red down when you need it to :)

  8. i think you must try bourjois ones....priced at just 225 they have real good range of lip liner that too without any shimmer/sparkles.....

  9. How do I email you? I wanted to share a photo. What I did was use Ruby Woo itself as a lipliner with a lip brush. Worked so well. I wouldn't recommend using a separate lipliner mainly because even if you found the exact shade, the matte effect wouldn't be the same and that would ruin the effect.

  10. Hi Tanveer, Oriflame might be tough to get hold of but I know that they have some nice red lip liners. You could look into that too :)

  11. Hey Tanz- congrats you finally bought Ruby Woo! Yay!! I could recommend a few shades but the final effect won't be comparable to MAC cherry.I'd recommend using a hard(er) lip liner brush to use Ruby woo itself to create a lip line. The texture and pigmentation allow for it to be a perfect lip liner as well. Any other lip liner won't come close to the ultra matte-hyper pigmentation that ruby woo has and would ruin the over all look.

  12. Hi Tanveer.....the only red lipliners I found were Faces true red and one by Oriflame so you could try them............

  13. Inglot has red lip liners but am not sure it would match ruby woo perfectly

  14. I have a red lipliner from amuse.... Think its called cabaret! You can probably try that!

  15. Tanz :D i guess NYX and Chambor are the only brand i trust for lip liners you can try NYX hot red or plush red :D ....

    babes did you tried MUFE lip liners they are only for 836/- :D am sure their red one is good , their RED 8 C is beautiful color though :D :D


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