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YSL Top Secrets Natural Action Exfoliator - Sample Review

It claims: Free of abrasive particles, this exfoliator combines high-performance with high-tolerance to enhance radiance and natural pureness of the complexion. By its natural action, this soft and unctuous gel texture turns the conventional exfoliating ritual into a luxurious skincare experience providing a delicate but efficient exfoliation, even for the most sensitive skin. The skin is incredibly smooth and velvety to the touch, and its quality appears visibly refined.

Price: 75ml for Rs. 2250 (I'm testing the 15 ml tube I got in my Jan 2012 Blisscovered edition)

How to: The exfoliator can be used as often as needed. With dry hands, apply a generous amount of the gel onto dry skin, avoiding the eye area. Delicately massage with the fingertips until the texture liquefies. Turn it into an emulsion by adding a little cold water, then rinse off thoroughly.

How it works: This iridescent gel, free of abrasive particles, works in three stages to achieve reinforced efficiency, while perfectly respecting the natural balance of all skin types, even the most sensitive skin.
  • First, upon application to the skin, the gel texture adheres to the epidermis and perfectly lifts off the dead cells. 
  • Next, from the warmth of the skin and from the gentle massaging motion, it transforms into a non-greasy, melting oil which dissolves impurities.
  • Finally, on contact with water, the oil changes into a light emulsion that removes dead cells and impurities when rinsed from the skin.

Ingredients: triethylhexanion (emolliant), octyldedeceth-25, aqua, sorbitol, methyl gluceth-10, glycerine, butylene glycol, fragrance, propylene glycol, caprylyl glycol, CI 77019 (mica), Enantia chlorantha bark extract, CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), CI 77492 (iron oxide), aspartic acid, glutamic acid, yeast (faex extract), alanine, glycine, lysine, oleanolic acid, "7YH13-1"

What I liked: 

1. I have till date used physical granule based exfoliators only. I have not tried the chemical AHA & BHA based ones. When I first tried this I was extremely skeptical. How would this golden, iridescent clear gel with no granules to speak of, exfoliate my skin in 5 minutes? But it did, each time I used this, my skin would appear fresh, clean & glowly just like after an exfoliation. 

2. Because there are no abrasive particles in this, you will not experience that redness of skin after an intense exfoliation, when either you have gone overboard scrubbing, or like me if you are prone to redness. In fact this very property makes it perfect to use minutes before getting ready for a party. You get fresh glowy skin without any redness. 

3. The gel itself is just beautiful to look at. If I didn't know this was a exfoliator, I would easily mistake this for a body illuminating gel. It shimmers with gold, but it doesn't have any shimmer actually. :-P

4. You first have to apply the gel with fingers to dry skin. For the first few seconds rubbing the gel on a dry face felt rough (it didn't have enough slip), but once it warms up with the heat it liquifes into a much more liquid oily kind of substance which is easily to massage the face with. When you wash this off with water, it again changes into a white lotion that washes off very easily. You get a clean face, with no greasiness.

5. It is quite gentle, I once applied this on a lazy Saturday and dozed off without washing it. I actually washed it off two hours later. I had no redness or reaction to it being left on for so long. 

6. See-through packaging, you know how much you get and it progresses through. 

7. The 15 ml tube I had is 3/4th empty with about 6 uses. I think I'll get another 3-4 uses. That is around 10 uses for a 15 ml tube, so the full size tube of 75 ml would last you about 50 uses. If you exfoliate once a week that is an entire year actually (it expires after a year of opening, so you would have to throw it away in any case)

What could be better: 
1. The price for sure. Yes, it is a wonder exfoliator that has magically keeps changing textures from gel to oil to liquid and looks like molten gold. I would really love this as a gift, to bits. But if I have to shell out the money myself. I'd think twice. I'd rather invest this much on a serum or some cream that stays on my face for longer. Also while my above calculation shows that it could last 6 months easily with twice a week usage, I suffer from a short attention span when it comes to products. I love trying out new things so much, I'm unlikely to want to commit to a single product for 6 to 7 months. 

2. It claims it can be used everyday, but since I couldn't figure out what exactly is the exfoliator here, I used it only once in 3 days. I think they should be a bit more specific on that. What if someone is allergic to it?

3. It smells too strong and very perfumey. I like my skincare products to smell either earthy or floral (basically more natural). It smells good, but synthetic. 

Recommended for: If you love luxury (almost magical) products, have deep pockets or if none of the physical exfoliators on the market suit you and you are prone to ruddiness & broken skin.. This is also very good for people with acne or skin infection as the lack of physical abrasives makes it easy to negotiate over the zits without inflaming them further or if you are on any medication that makes the skin sensitive. I think this would also be good for brides to be, who are preping their skin to be at its best on the wedding day. This can also be used just before you get ready and the makeup goes on.  

Also if you have the will-power to not be a magpie like me when it comes to beauty, and stick with products, this would easily last you 6 to 7 months with twice a week usage. In that sense it is not so expensive a purchase. 


  1. Great Review! :) Price is expensive as you said!

    1. Thanks Lancy! It is an expensive product :D

  2. nice detailed review tanveer..for me it will be a NO...

    1. Thanks Pavani, I thght I'd do a detailed review so that in case anybody did decide to purchase it they would have all the information possible. :D

  3. great review Tanveer, the price is ofcourse a bummer but then if it works then it would surely get some fan following :)..btw I loved how u said that 'it is a wonder exfoliator that has magically keeps changing textures from gel to oil to liquid and looks like molten gold'..LOL! ;)

    1. Thanks Pooja!

      It really looks very pretty - it shimmers & looks like a liquid gold illuminator. I guess when you are selling for that price, the company needs to ensure it looks expensive as well :D.

      The first time I tried it, I thought it felt so gel like out of the tube, how cld this transform into an oil & then into a water miscible/soluble lotion? But it did!!

  4. that's a very honest and good review about the product, does sound so lavish yet very effective :) true, even i would prefer to spend all that money on a serum or something I could hold on to my skin for longer :)

    1. Thanks Coral! For that price, it wld be a pity if it were not very effective. :D

  5. very helpful tanvee :)
    But the price is very steep for an exfol :D

    1. Thanks Varshini.. :D

      Yup, it is expensive. Luxury products are always priced at a premium. Like one can get a Titan watch for 5000/- but you can also get a Rolex for 50 Lakhs.. :D

  6. It sounds so lovely but the price jst kills the charm.. :(
    I guess it isn't tht expensive whn u draw out the whole one-year-plan n thr r many prdts way more expensive than this..I hope thr is a cheaper version of this out somewhere n we can lay our hands on it!! :)
    Wonderful review!! :)

  7. This sounds so amazing..but the price ruins the charm..
    I guess its not that expensive when u consider the one-year-plan and there r so many pdts much more expensive than this..
    Waiting to locate substitute which is easy on our purses!!
    Wonderful review!! :)

  8. Nice review.....but this product looks similar to Living Proof's Deep Cell cleansing Gel which is available in Urban Touch @ an MRP of 360 with some discount i think for 100ml...even that works similar..

  9. I do like this as well...i wish the quantity was more tho...


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