My summer skin care & office makeup routine

Hello Everyone!

Summer's here in full force (It is 39 C in Mumbai!), it is sweltering hot and humid. Not a good time for us beauty enthusiasts. Makeup is melting while we try our best to avoid sun damage.

I thought I would share my current routine here.


1. Cleanse face with The Body Shop Vitamin E Cream Cleanser. I like using a cream cleanser as first of all I don't think my face accumulates too much dirt during the night, so I don't see the point of using a foaming cleanser; secondly since this is quite hydrating, it means that I can very easily skip using a moisturizer. During summers, a layer less on the face can make a lot of difference.

2. Apply sunscreen. These days I'm trying out a Lakme one. Will review it in a two weeks.

3. Makeup: I apply a dab of MAC Bare Study Paint Pot (beige shimmery champagne) on my lids and then just swipe on any summery or bright lipstick over MAC Lip Prep + Prime. That's all I do for makeup during the day. I generally carry the lipstick with me so that I can refresh it during the day.


1. Since I didn't really wear much makeup in the morning, I just do a quick cleanse with Jergens Face Cream to take off the sunscreen.

2. I then cleanse using Forest Essentials Tejasvi Milk Ubtan. I make this in a base of milk.

3. Just before I sleep, I apply some of my Homemade Vitamin C serum. I prepare it fresh every day. You can read the method here.

4. On top of this I apply The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream

5. I finally finish it off with a few dabs of Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate. I have been using this for two months now, and I am in love with it. It smells really nice, helps me relax and sleep better and it also has improved my skin quite a bit. I find that my combination skin is now more balanced (the forehead is not so dry & the nose not so oily)

That's all to my routine. On the weekend, I add a facemask - these days I'm using the Papaya Fresh Face Mask from Iraya. 

That's it! So what is your current routine? What makeup do you like for summers?


  1. whoa!!! awesome routine but I wanted to ask that how do you apply the vitamin c serum...its grainy in texture, right??? I tried doing that but it didn't quite work out!!!
    I prefer using the ubtan in the morning as the face is not much dirty and face wash in the evening for a thorough cleanse after removing the sunscreen :) and, at night, I prefer to keep the thing entirely simple by applying a few drops of oil over rose water or Liz Earle toner which I have right now!!! I feel sweaty at night more but I thought skipping moisturiser is not a really good idea if the sunscreen isn't moisturising enough!!! anyways, that always depends on the product being used. and, aren't you continuing with the zinc oxide cream you mentioned a while before??? I couldn't find it :(

    1. Hey Swati, I dissolve one pill of celin in about 5ml to 7 ml of water and then dab it on my face with the help of a cotton pad.

      I know, the skin can feel bit trapped at night if one uses too many layers. luckily my skin does okay..

      I used Sudocrem (zinc oxide), but I recently received some lakme sunscreens for consideration, so I'm trying out one of them for review :)

  2. thanx for sharing this Tanveer..but as my t-zone is really oily these days i use a mildly foaming face wash in the mornings..the nature's co. cucumber is a nice try it some time :)

    1. I want to try Nature's Co prdts tbh - but I find them a bit expensive.. I'll try this cucumber one for sure, it sounds refreshing :D

  3. My skin's been getting dry & flaky of late due to the changing weather & my skincare routine has gone in a tizzy, will have to check out that Midnight Recovery Concentrate,need something to relax it

    1. Keihl's has an excellent sample policy. In fact I first tried out a sample of the MRC for 3 weeks before actually picking up the bottle itself. I suggest you do the same as the prdt is quite expensive :)

  4. Thats really good mehnat!!!! I use a foaming cleanser in gel moisturiser and lotus gel sunscreen..and at night I use a cream cleanser..followed y a foaming one..and apply night cream.

    1. LOL! It's actually very similar to you. You have 3 steps both morning & night for skincare, I have 2 steps in the morning & 5 in the evening :D

  5. Wow! No wonder ur skins so nice..I wish I wasn't so lazy and took half as much care of my skin as u do...m def gona tr making the vit C serum.. :)

    1. Between makeup & skincare, I always devote 2/3rd of my time to skincare. It just seems more important to me.

      Do let me know how the serum works out for you!! :D

  6. Oh i have a simple routine still its a pain sometimes.I use cleansing milk- either lakme or garnier. i love both in the morning. When i come back home i use Garnier face wash. in between i only use water to wash off sweat. if i am going to office i use fabindia's spf 15+ dab of max factor panstik , mix it and apply to my face or pond's tm otherwise i just apply Lakme's perfect radiance compact only.Pune is also hovering around 39'C these days but its dry wind which does most damage.I use Venusia face cream at night and Retin A [prescription] every third night.
    Make up is a kajal/eyeliner, lots of lipbalm and then either a gloss or lipsticks.I use lipstick like stain most of the time. i realized that 's the only way i can use dark colored lipstick to office and get away with it :P

  7. If it is ok to ask here, can u pls suggest a good moisturiser for a combination skin, my nose gets very oily.

  8. My skin is a bit tad oily and acne prone. So, I do wash my face with foaming cleansers.
    Hey, even I thought, I would be doing a post akin to this. Because with changing weather ( and our changing products), it's great to catch up on each other :)


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