Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Products that I have *actually* repurchased

Certain Skincare products are must-have for me!
You know how is it with us beauty bloggers, we fall hard for the product of the moment & promise to purchase it till eternity in our reviews. But our resolve lasts only the next, new, shiny tube crosses our way. No, it is not intentional to mislead you. Just how we beauty bloggers tend to think.

I thought I would compile a list of makeup & skincare products I have *actually* repurchased when the first tube ran out. I'll do skincare in this post first. Makeup follows later in the week.

1. Biotique Morning Nectar: My 3rd bottle. I always have this with me. Works like a charm on me, when I get sunburnt or dehydrated. It is also very good as a cleanser in a hurry..

2. Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating facewash: While I generally don't use foaming cleansers on my skin, even though it is combination, I use only this cleanser when I have to use one.

3. Lakme Strawberry Facewash: Yes, I know what you are thinking. When I don't use foaming face washes, what are two doing on this list. I use this as a body wash, after gym, in the evening after office. Two reasons: One, it smells very nice & citrusy, very refreshing in the summer, secondly & this is actually the important one: it tingles and delivers a very nice cooling sensation when it is rinsed off. No other body wash does this, and during summers I need that *tingle*.. hehehe.

4. Jergens Face Cream: Takes off even the most teflon coated mascara with minimum of fuss. Just apply and leave on for 30 seconds. Wipe off. No more tears, no more broken lashes.

5. The Body Shop Face Buffer: I use it every alternate day with a bit of water - just a gentle massage in the morning. I honestly think a good exfoliation routine with a good anti-oxidant protection cream is the backbone of good skin.

6. The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream: I'm a believer. I thought this was over hyped. Till I tried it. I haven't reviewed this yet. But I'm on my 2nd tub.

So those are my products I would replenish in a heart beat should they ever run out. Btw I'm sorry for being AWOL. I suddenly had to travel quite a bit for office work.

So what are the products you always repurchase?


  1. nice post!Very true it is not always that we repurchase products cause there is always something new we want to try!!
    Products I have repurchased are mainly my moisturizers,face products like msfs,tinted moisturizers and face wash..

    1. I know!! With so many new launches all the time, can we be faulted for being so fickle?? :D

  2. lol you're so right! There are not many products I repurchase again and again apart from shampoos/conditioners and deos...I think the only one that I cant live without if my No.7 face moisturiser which I've been using for about 10 years! lol omg that makes me sound old...Im only 27! lol

    1. There is always so much to try out! :D.. I have heard quite a few praises of the No 7 line so I'm not surprised you like it so much! :)

  3. Me too very rarely re-purchase any product... I would look forward to your review on Vitamin E night cream, I am running out of my current one <3

  4. I have I used to use the body shop's Vitamin E night cream and I loved it as well. Bought it 2 times as well. Planning to purchase it again later ^_^. By the way, great idea with the Lakme Strawberry wash as a body wash! ^_^


  5. well said... same is the case with me as well... out of love for products i keep trying new ones even though i am committed to one at heart.. flirtatious me ;)

    but there are a few which i keep going back to time and again such as - dove conditioners, colossal kajal, maybelline whitestay uv compact, lakme eyeliner..

    i hv never tried the lakme fruit face wash range yet... but interesting idea of using them as handy body washes :D


    - Revathy

  6. I use the Biotique cucumber toner and it takes out dirt which nothing else does and I thought I was the only one who had the brilliant idea of using facewash as body wash:P

  7. TBS VitE night cream rocks!! never heart of Biotique Morning Nectar though

  8. Regarding TBS Vitamin E eye-cream - it did not work out for me :( I thought I loved it when I first bought it, but its not true :P I would love to read your detailed thoughts on it - the thing is I have dark circles and it was too light for me.

  9. i have repurchased only biotique Clove face packs.it really works for me as i have acne prone skin.

  10. For me that would ve- Inglot under eye concealer, Colorbar OTT lipstick, Forest Essentials Sesame Oil, Kiehls Under Eye Creamm Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 50,...Still hunting for the perfect nght cream though iim not sure how much ill use one wuth the oil..

  11. nice post .. I love the Lakme strawberry face wash and always buy a tube whenever I visit India :) Have you also tried the TBS Vit E day cream ? For me the list is Garnier makeup remover, Olay moisturizer (SPF 30+), Dove soap, Palmolive Anti stress Body wash (lavender)

  12. Nice list ,even though I keep exploring new stuff there r some classics I keep repurchasing -bath and body triple moisturising cream in sensual amber,body shop strawberry body wash,Nivea soft cream,colossal kajal and mascara, inglot AMC lip paint number 62 and have some MAC compacts and lippies on my repurchase list :)

  13. Not many stuff i have repeated. But i have been using Garnier gentle facewash for i think more than 15 years, lakme and garnier cleansing milk and fabindia spf 15 .Btw, is jergens a cleansing cream ?

  14. I'm hopeless when it comes to repurchasing! I tend to experiment a lot :) I loved your list! I hope one day I'll be able to come up with such a list! xoxoxox

  15. I too love the BS Facial buffer and Jergens cream!! And the Lakme face wash is nice too!! Hav only recently started using TBS vitE..yet 2 decide..
    Now I think abt it u intro me to all of these!! THANKS!! :))

  16. So true about us BB's ;P.... Now I have to try TBS Vit E Cream, hope it won't be too oily for me. Some products I repurchased:

    MAC Cleanse Off Oil
    Nivea Fruity Shine Pink Guava
    Maybelline Lip Smooth Lip Balms


  17. great post tanveer...looking forward to ur makeup post...

  18. 1, 3, 3, 6, Lactocalamine, Himalaya neem facewash and pack, himalaya night cream, Lotus rejuvina day lotion. the list doesn't get much lengthier

  19. I always have wanted to buy a face buffer. Will try the body shop one. Great post Tanveer! :-)

  20. I use the lakme facewash as a body wash too :) But i like the berry lush!
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