ATB Beauty Notes: Pore Strips

This is the ultimate quick - fix in the skincare world. Everything else, needs a few days to show results, or at least a day's time. But not the pore strip. All it takes is a quick 15 minutes. Oh, the satisfaction that you get, when you peel off a nose blackhead strip and examine the gunky blackheads that have come off with it. But does it really work for you?

It didn't for me. I had bought these local charcoal strips from Alfa. All they did was first create a terrible urge to itch my nose while they were on, and then while they seemed to remove those pesky black & white heads, they never really eliminated them.

Paula Begoun of Original Beauty Bible says:

Pore strips in all their varying incarnations are meant to remove blackheads. You place a piece of cloth with a sticky substance on it over your face, as you might do with a Band-Aid, wait a bit for it to dry, and then rip it off. Along with some amount of skin, blackheads are supposed to stick to the strip and come right out of your nose. There is nothing miraculous about these products, nor do they work all that well. The main ingredient on these strips is a hairspray-type substance. If the instructions are followed closely you can see some benefit in removing the very surface of a blackhead. In fact, you may at first be very impressed (or grossed out) with what comes off your nose. 

Unfortunately, that leaves the majority of the problem deep in the pore. The way these strips adhere, they can absolutely injure or tear skin. They are especially unsafe if you've been using Retin-A, Renova, Differin, AHAs, or BHA; having facial peels; taking Accutane; or if you have naturally thin skin or any skin disorder such as rosacea, psoriasis, or seborrhea.

I have since then not used any pore strips, they seem like such a waste of money.

What do you think about pore strips? Are there any that you are very fond of?


  1. I like pore strips! Not all of them, but I tried Cettua ones and they work great! I did a review on them and I was really impressed, they got out my blackheads, whiteheads and even the little hairs on my nose. But only the normal version does this, the charcoal one was messy and not as effective. :(

  2. I've never tired pore strips..the ads itself look so painful

  3. I have never tried pore strips tooo ...

  4. i have used some korean pore once broke me out horribly..i got a huge pimple on my nose which was very painful and ugly..from the next time onwards such thing never happened..but i have noticed one thing, the skin on my nose becomes uneven after 2-3days of using a strip..then i have to use it again..kinda like a cyclical process..

  5. I have never used pore strips and was advised by my sis that I shouldnt't even try as they don't do much good.

  6. I have never felt like using any pore strips and anyway, I am afraid to injure my skin!!!

  7. i am terrified of using strips

  8. Pore strips r like wax strips. They get rid of unwanted hair but they can't really stop hair growth, can they? I like using the strips. Used a brand called cool and cool. Worked pretty well n the skin on my nose stayed smooth for days later. I cant afford facials every month so this is a better alternative. :)

  9. I used them twice but never got the desired results moreover my skin becomes itchy after use :(

  10. Used it once but was absolutely useless :(


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