Our Mom's Maroon Lipstick is trending!

I have always had a secret fascination for the color Maroon (or let's call it by its new sophisticated name - Burgundy or Deep Red Berry). It has typically adorned the lips of our moms, and most of us have steered clear of it with the very diplomatic "It is a great color for Indian skin tones, but it makes me look older!" We instead want the pinks, the peaches, the nudes.

But I have always *secretly* loved this color. I have lipsticks that easily cross over into goth category. I generally use them as a lip tint.

Well, guess what, it is the hottest lip color right now! Maroon! And fashionistas aren't waiting for the autumn to dig it out. They are wearing it right now, in the middle of summer!

Take a look:

Exhibit 1: Katy Perry in her new Video Wide Awake: 

Exhibit 2: Kate Bosworth at the MET Ball

Exhibit 3: Emma Stone at Amazing Spider Man premier in Paris

Exhibit 4: Lana Del Ray at Met Ball

Do you notice how in each of the pictures above, the dark lip color somehow puts the eyes & skin centre - stage. 

The best part about this color? It suits both cool & warm undertones, and also women of all skin color. If there ever was a universal shade - this is it!

Of course, all the babes up there are Hollywood stars, I somehow can't see our BW stars being as experimental with their makeup. The Kareenas & PCs will most probably stick to their MLBB Nudes. 

How to wear a dark lip: 

Pair it with a thick winged eyeliner, lots of mascara and you are done! Keep the blush neutral and light. Use a lip brush to lay down the color precisely. 

During the day: use it as a tint. Applying it in a thick layer straight off the bullet might be too much for the people around you to bear. 

During the night: Apply a bold layer. Most lipsticks in this shade tend to be matt as they are loaded with pigment. You will have to apply gloss separately for that shiny pout. 

Lipsticks to try: 

Honestly, you'll find such shades in all the brands. So there is really no need to fret. But if you wanna know, these below are my favorites: 

1. Lakme 423 Satin Enrich: I love this so much, I have a back up of this! Lovely deep burgundy color that looks just gorgeous layered as a tint. It is quite drying though, so I always use this as a tint only. 

2. MAC Diva: I have been eyeing this shade since the last one month. I think this will have the proud distinction of being the 7th MAC lipstick in my collection. This also is a matt. 

3. Revlon Colorburst Grape or MAC Rebel: If purple is your thing, this color is right on spot. 

4. Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip color in 01 Sugar Plum is a great way to wear this as a light, glossy, lip tint format

5. LUSH A Million Kisses Lip Tint: This was a LE during valentine's day and I snapped it up. It smells intoxicating of roses (not that horrid fake rose smell) and it is organic too for you natural beauties.

6. Revlon Colorburst Lip gloss in Aubergine: for those of you who want to sport the trend, yet are apprehensive, this gloss is a good option. 

So what do you think girls? How many of you are up for this trend? I am!!


  1. superb post Tanveer ji..I agree..I love maroons too..din get Diva coz its easily dupeable..its still there in my mind though

  2. Hi Tanvi, very true about the maroon lipstick our moms loved. My Aunt's fav lipstick till date. That time I was too young to try my mum's maroon lipsticks, and the shades changed when i grew up. I think this year would be the perfect time to try out that.
    Shopping, Style and Us

  3. I love the title to your post, Tanveer.

  4. Even I got Mac diva after looking at all the celebs wearing them. Hehe

  5. I have Aubergine and its fab..Maroon kinda lost its importance once the corals and hot pinks took over..but as they say Old is gold!!

  6. my mom gave me the love of red lipsticks, she wore maroon, being fairer and cool toned it suited her to a T. as a yellow toned girl i just could not carry this forward. so i switched to more reddish maroons, full on reds , plums and what nots. it is only when started beauty blogging did i realise may be i really need to try out pink..
    i think most lakme lippies are still different shades of maroon.. but lovely post.. very inspiring.

  7. Ahh .. his is the color my aunts love !But somehow I just cant bring myself to wear it.. I have used them as a tint though and it looks absolutely lovely ! Great post T :)

  8. I have been wearing maroon,magenta and plum since ages because they were only ones that stayed and showed up on my lips. i recently bough revlon's Plum. Infact i have never worn orange simply becoz i haven't found one for my lips.

  9. Great post! Thanks a lot for sharing how to apply dark lipstick shades, specially the one about defining the eyes with eyeliner/mascara but leaving the rest of the face in neutral zone. Absolutely great tips!

  10. Hi...nice post. I had been eyeing that Lush tint.Its still available in my city store. Now I am gonna get it definitely.

  11. I've been observing this lately too! But still not made up my mind to try it!!!

  12. Its like a cycle..the old trends keep recycling..I love dark shades as a tint..but using them full on is very drying for me :(
    hav to use gloss..
    great post!! :))

  13. Its like a cycle..the old trends keep recycling..I love dark shades as a tint..but using them full on is very drying for me :(
    hav to use gloss..
    great post!! :))

  14. Me still keep away from darker shades..dunno why!

  15. very true :) i grew up watching my mom wearing this lipstick shade :) great that its making a comeback..


  16. I love the vampy red lips. Unfortunately, such shades don't suit me at all :(

  17. OMG, love this posttttttt! Thanks!

  18. Awesome post, Tanveer! Thanks for this! :-D

  19. Hi

    I am loving your blog and added to your followers :)
    Hope you follow me back too..


  20. fall lipsssss ... your post made me mad and i am digging my all deep dark shades :D :D

  21. Twilight craze is here again :D

  22. Never thought Maroon is going to turn sooo sexy!!


  23. I love this trend. Maroon and wine colors have that amazing 20s charm and look like old world classics. Btw for those who dont dare can use these colors are stains for an edgier version of the lipstick and u can also rub of excess lipstick from the lips and apply it on cheeks as a cheek stain, quotes makeup maestro Dick Page.

  24. hey this trend is wonderful, but I am NC45 and need some courage to wear this shade.


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