Fiama Di Willis's Brand Ambassador Deepika Padukone's Makeup Tips

Thanks to ITC Fiama Di Willis, I recently had the opportunity to meet Deepika and interact with her in a blogger's meet they had organised.

I, of course, was armed with a list of makeup related queries. Deepika has really pretty, large brown eyes and really nice hair as well. 

Favourite lipstick:
Deepika's favourite lipstick is red, if she had it her way, she would wear it all the time. Next to red, she likes corals. But with smoky eyes she has to wear natural / nude lips instead to avoid it looking OTT.

Skin routine: 
She believes hydration is the most important thing for healthy skin, whether that is hydrating from inside or outside.

Preparation for Cocktail: 
She just soaked up as much sun as possible for that gorgeous tanned skin

First experience with Makeup & Makeup Idol: 
Her mom. She told us about the time she would sneak into kit while her mom was out. Her mom was very elegant & a trend setter, back then she would get her sisters to send her blue kohl & mascara. Deepika always wondered why she didn't wear black like others (I suspect Deepika's mom has brown eyes - blue mascara & liner looks really pretty on brown eyes) and only when did she start wearing makeup did she realize how ahead of her time her mom was.

Favorite Look in a Movie: 
Both Cocktail & Om Shanti Om. Though she said she realizes that she cannot repeat either looks for the danger of being labelled monotonous, plus it needs to match the character she is playing. Her MUA on Cocktail was Anil Chinnappa.

Essential Makeup Item: 
Mascara. She is never without it as it opens up the eyes and makes her look awake.

Beauty Food: 
She said that she doesn't eat anything specially just for her skin or hair. She just believes in a balanced diet.

Favorite product from the Fiama Di Willis Line: 
The peach & avocado shower gel bar.

I did really like her hair & makeup a lot in Cocktail, and Deepika looks just as lovely in real as she does on the big screen. 


  1. Loved her look in the cocktail promos :)

  2. Loved her in Cocktail..she is one gorgeous lady!

  3. heyyy Tanz .. i have not seen the movie .. but am waiting for your post on the same ... :D :D request request ... :D

  4. I love Deepika so i was so happy to see this post :)

  5. Even i admire her for the fit image she has and also her style never fails :)

  6. She looks great there! I'm dying to see Cocktail =)


  7. This is great! You're a lucky girl, Tanveer! :-D

  8. This is awesome! You're a lucky gal!

  9. More than her makeup I love her hairstyles most of the time!!
    Nice post! :)


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