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A long time ago I had reviewed Neutrogena Fine Fairness toner, the reason I had bought the toner was to use it in a Japanese skin care technique. Basically the technique involves covering the face with cotton that has been wetted with a thin, watery lotion. You can watch the technique in the video below:  

At that time some readers had asked me to share my experience with this technique. Honestly I forgot about it and a remark by Kejal today reminded me of it. 

Okay, for starters I practiced this technique for two weeks everyday. I would do this in the evening post cleansing my face of all makeup and before moisturizing. 

And after two weeks of doing this daily, my skin felt....

..... exactly the same. 

There was nada improvement in my skin hydration, tone, texture. Kuch nahi. Nothing. 

Now, I'm not saying this technique is faulty or no good, or anything. I'm sure the Japanese lady in the video has really benefited from using this and isn't lying or anything. 

I analysed for a long time why the technique was such a bummer for me. I could just come up with four reasons: 

1. Japanese women consume a diet very high in Omega - 3 fatty acids thanks to all the sea food in their diet. I think that contributes in a big way to their healthy, wrinkle free skin. 

2. The technique works only if used in conjunction with all other techniques - so basically there is a cumulative effect of techniques and that results in beuatiful skin. Just using one technique from the lot maybe doesn't work as well. 

3. Mumbai as it is has very high humidity, so my skin is hardly going to be dehydrated at any given point of time. The technique seems designed to increase hydration level of the skin. 

4. It works better on dry skinned gals, because it certainly did nothing for my oily skin.

Anyways, after two weeks I got tired of wasting time using this technique, and finished off the toner using it as a, umm, regular toner. 

Have you tried this technique? Has it worked for you?


  1. Wow!! that was quick! Thank u or else I was gonna something similar and probably waste time when I am quite short of it at the moment :)

  2. Damn..I saw d vid and got enthu...then I read d rest...ah well...

  3. also d good oriental skin is mostly genetic

  4. I didn't know about the technique but i did buy a whole lot of these face masks from Jap brands. They are pretty good!

  5. oh u tried it??? I think it would do nothing if your skin is already healthy??? may be it helps only skins which are undernourished??? coz, even I can say that earlier some products used to show some effects on me coz my skin was not that healthy but now, i feel no product shows any effect.

  6. You are bang on abt the diet factor , noshing on so much healthy sea food and sea weeds is bound to do wonders for skin, now let's just compare that with our carb laden diet peppered with spices and polished off with Indian sweets, argh I shud thank my stars I can get by such low skin maintenance!

  7. I think face masks are better, esp since they cover the whole face (no gaps)...and true, diet is the main reason for their luminous skin, they eat a lot of soup/boiled foods too. I found this technique too tedious, I'd rather use multani mitti :D


  8. i guess u better had tried those omega3 capsules and boiled food or salads without much dressing and got a great difference in just 2 weeks! :D

  9. Hey! Dropping in after ages. They have a product in the market with a very similar goal--these are face-shaped tissues soaked wtih product, just like those sunscreen/moisturizing wipes available for the skin. I picked up a couple of these from a huge mall in KL, just to see what the big deal was about. I didn't find ANY difference either. And the masks make your face look hideous! :) Nice Post T


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