Ben Nye Cream Rouge in Sandy Rose - Review

Ben Nye Cream Rouge in Sandy Rose - Such Tacky Packaging!
It claims: Nothing. This ain't one of your wordsmith blushes that promise to help you travel to the moon & back, but won't even last 3 hours in Mumbai heat. 

Ingredients: see Image below

Price: Rs. 300/- for 7 gms of blush

Shade reviewed: CR - 3 Sandy Rose

Available: at New Beauty Centre, Khar

Ingredients: Ben Nye Cream Blush

What I liked: 

1. Really pigmented - a small swipe will get your cheeks all rosy, plus the texture is really soft & it blends very, very easily. It sets to a very natural finish. 

2. The finish is almost matt. You know how some cream blushes leave behind a rather shiny, creamy finish that starts to look a bit oily with time? This one doesn't. It dries and blends to a very natural looking finish and it is also not sticky at all on the skin. As a result it tends to stay on for at least 5-6 hours. It fades but very gently & never looks streaky. 

3. Matt! I really don't like shimmer in my blushes.

4. Economical - I can't remember the last time I got a cream blush at such a good rate of 300/-, plus you get quite a bit - 7 gms! Even NYX gives only 6 gms at best.

Ben Nye Cream Rouge in Sandy Rose - applied heavily
5. The color - Sandy Rose - is very nice, it looks really natural on me. It is prefect for all you cool-toned girls looking for a natural blush color. It is a tawny pink brown, and looks great with pink, peach or any natural looking lip colors. 

6. They have a really wide range at the store - at last count they had 10 shades & a number of them were very unique & pretty!

7. It is perfume free, not that I care, but for those with sensitive noses - take heed :)

What could be better: 

1. I guess this could be more easily available for sure. 

2. The packaging is really crappy - cheap plastic that is prone to scratches. As you can see in the image above. 

3. The color of the blush doesn't look that great with red, purple or deep berry lip colors, as it doesn't have an undercurrent of red in it. It looks best only with pinky brown and natural peachy shades. 

Recommended: Yes! This shade for cool toned girls looking for a natural daily blush to pair with their nude/natural lipsticks & the product line for all blush lovers. The quality is very, very good for the price. 

Btw, below is an comparison picture comparing Sandy Rose with Coral from this line. You will be able to see how much more natural Sandy Rose looks on me, compared to Coral which clashes a bit - and looks like an un-natural orange color. It was this image last year that resolved that constant doubt in my head about me being cool-toned. Once I saw this I knew for sure which side of the tone divide I lay. 

Ben Nye Cream Blush in Sandy Rose & Coral - Swatches


  1. This color is so pretty! I just found out today that Ben Nye is available in India, I'm hoping to get a few of them sent to me (I don't think they're in Delhi at all!) - thanks for these swatches, I might just have to put them on the list! :)

  2. been reading alot abt its amazing quality nd i'm happy to read it frm u too,
    loving the coral shade and would get it fromtis range, hoping it would suit my medium skintone...

  3. I need a trip to Beauty center, I think I'll pick up both the shades. They seem really great for the price!

  4. Babe you really have got me hooked on to Ben nye creme blushes! oooh now this one will swirl in my head for next few days,till i get it! ;)

  5. Darn!!! just when I thought I had enough blushes in my am going to go on a mad hunt for both these so pretty

  6. I so wanted a Ben Nye blush. But while I was inMumbai, I couldn;t make it to Khar and the Beauty Center at Crawford had some. But the containers looked so old and scratched all over , I did not dare to buy :(

  7. Ooooo...I hav been thinking since long of getting a cream blush- hav 2 decide the shade..this will giv a lot more options!!
    Fab post :)


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