Kareena Kapoor's Hair & Makeup in Heroine

So I finally saw the movie last week. I went with complete & full knowledge that it isn't, ummm, a very nice movie. But I was just curious to see Kareena.

The movie is as bad as you have heard. It portrays the life of a heroine as one full of misery. I was like Hello! What about the fancy foreign trips, loads of fans, free makeup & clothing (I know they get free makeup for like just nothing. Shilpa Shetty who once visited New Beauty Centre was gifted 3 bags full of makeup by the owner in front of me & she hadn't bought a thing!!)

Madhur is certainly running out of storylines & subjects. I'm worried his next movie may be called "Blog" and it could be about the big, bad, manipulative world of bloggers.


Head & Shoulders had a tie-up with the movie and had invited me to a screening (to which I couldn't make it because of work). But they were kind enough still to share a hair style breakdown of the looks she sports in the movie. So I'll first share what they sent me, and in the end do a quick round up of what I thought of her makeup.

Look 1: Purple top

Kareena Kapoor in Heroine (Look 1)

It is a very modern version of a retro look, side parted (Side parted hair is expected to be a big trend in the coming months - Tanveer) and left natural and shiny. This is more of a day look, with a small parting about 2 inches. The simplicity of the style is really what appeals & gives a girl next door look.

Tanveer: Make up is very light and natural concentrated on the cheeks; peachy- rosy cheeks & peachy glossy lips are the highlight. I can see a cat liner in her upper lid & of course, loads of mascara. 

How to:
  • Clean your hair with a good shampoo & moisturize with conditioner. 
  • Towel dry your hair and apply a blow dry lotion-  ‘Wella style thermal image lotion to the hair, to give some texture and hold
  • Blow dry using a round brush, section by section basically brushing away from the root to create volume
  • Part the hair to one side depending on suitability and
  • Finish with a hair spray, spray it on a paddle brush, and brush gently away from the parting in the direction of the hair to control the  Fly away strands

Look 2: Gold/black dress
Kareena Kapoor in Heroine
The overall look is very long & bouncy, centre parted that again comes across as a very seventies appearance. 

Tanveer: the upper lid has a cat liner flick. The lower lash is lined as well to give a smoky look, but most of it is concentrated in the outer 1/3rd. Peach brown lips with a coordinated blush. A bright coral pink nail paint provides the shot of color this look needs. 
  • After Towel drying clean hair apply the blow dry lotion
  • Use either rollers or tongs, may be very large Velcro rollers to roll the hair in the direction you want it to settle - has to be done after sectioning the hair.
  • When u release the rollers don’t brush the hair at all, let it fall naturally
  • Finish with shine spray. 
  • If you are using curling tongs or iron you need to hold it vertically and start curling from the nape of the neck to the top of the head.
  • Hold each curl for a min at least before letting it lose
  • Again leave natural, don’t brush

Tip: if u lift each section of the hair and hair spray at the roots and finally blast dry it can give you more volume per section, making the hair look bigger & fuller.

Look 3: Red dress
Kareena Kapoor in Heroine. 
Ideal for an Indian woman since we all love long straight hair. Hair is slightly layered through the back and higher layered through the front. Very glamorous with kohl eyes and pale lips which sets off the red dress really well, not making it over the top.
  • For this kind of a look you need a perfect blow dry.
  • Apply blow dry lotion(for straight hair) for straight effect to damp hair, use a blow dry to create some texture at the roots and pull it straight towards the end
  • Once the hair is completely dry take a big side part. You can finish it with a ceramic iron to get the straight look.
  • To settle it, you can spray the finish shine spray on the paddle brush and brush lightly through the hair.
  • Tip: This is a very flat look, so for more volume flip your hair upside down and paddle brush from the scalp to the ends of the hair and flip your hair back for a fuller look.
So that's about the hair (all content & images courtesy: Head & Shoulders).

Now about the make - up

It's very difficult to identify a particular trend in the movie meant to showcase Kareena's beauty. She sports all kinds of looks from her favourite smoky eyes & nude lips to even not wearing any makeup in some scenes. 

Kareena Kapoor in Heroine
But if I had think of one look that dominated all others it would the opulent use of black gel liner & kohl. 

In most scenes she sports either a cat liner or else she wears kohl on her lash lines. There is lots of mascara / fake lashes going on. 

With the cat liner look, she sports clean bright lipsticks in very pretty shades like baby pink with a complementing blush. In other scenes that are meant to be more glam, the lipstick becomes darker and glossier. She has also matched her nail paint to her lipstick in many scenes. And throughout the movie her lipstick & blush are matched to the same tone. 

Kareena Kapoor in Heroine

Her skin looks flawless in the movie. I am very curious about what foundation she's used. The odd thing is as her supposed "meltdown" happens in the last few scenes - she looses her makeup, esp her kohl & lipstick, but her hair looks like she gets it set professionally every 12 hours. 

Just like the movie, the makeup while well done, it was wishy-washy. There's no major trend or aha moment. Nothing that's gonna inspire the masses. I thought Sonam took a lot more risks with her makeup in Aisha, or even Deepika in Cocktail. 

Have you gals seen Heroine? What did you think of Kareena's look in the movie?


  1. I have not seen the movie but was dyingggg to read your take on the makeup :D :D .... enjoyed each and every line Tanz XOXO :D :D
    I wish i can get a company so that i can go and watch movie .. its A so one has to stay with anmol :(

    1. Thanks a lot Rashmi :).. am glad you enjoyed it :D

      Yes, the movie has some adult scenes & foul language, plus she keeps crying like a manic throughout - so it is def not for kids :)

  2. Loved reading your take on Kareena's hair n make up !! TBH, its totally my kind make up...whatever the occassion, I like to rock light lipsticks, I love how kohl played up her eyes in the movie !! Totally carry-able by each and every girl !!

    1. Thanks Dhara! You are able to carry off light lipsticks very well, I can see that in your blog swatches. :)

      Kareena is totally addicted to her kohl - this movie just proves it :)

  3. I did see the mv (wid uc :P), n ur right- she looks amazing but no major trends. Btw can u help me the blush in the pic wid the yellow suit? Is it more peach or pink?
    Great breakdown of hair n makeup!!

    1. Thanks Simran! :)

      That blush is a blue toned pink blush - the closest ones I can think of are NYX Cream Blush in Glow or else MAC Pink Swoon. I hope this helps, I'll let you know if I can think of more options..

    2. Thanks..I really like the shade! :)

    3. Thanks!! I really like the shade :)

  4. Really nice post wit detailed observation skills!!! :D
    LoLzz I m jus wondering if thr ever came a "blog" movie who'd be the star and who'd be the vamp :D

    1. Thanks Kejal!! :)

      Hahahaha! I guess the star will depend on which blogger he talks to.. and typical of his style, in the end the star blogger will get fed up of makeup & just delete her blog and never step online ever :P

  5. her makeup looks amazing, all kinds of looks here.

    1. Yes, there are lots of looks in the movie :)

  6. I love Kareena's style..I love how she always enhances her eyes and keeps her lips subtle..I do the same since I have plump lips and just a hint of color and gloss is good enough! Great blog btw! :)



  9. Really nice .please keep updating :)

  10. I have not seen the movie but kareena looks so beautiful in this movie, i love how she can wear such minimal makeup and still look good


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