The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues - Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues
It claims: Infused with tea tree oil, these tissues absorb excess oil and reduce shine in no time. A pack of blotting tissues that absorb excess oils from the skin. Each tissue is infused with tea tree oil to help control blemishes. 
Ingredients: Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil, Limonene, calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, citral, leptospermum petersonil oil, citronellol, linalool, tocopherol (vit E)
Price: Rs 175 for 65 sheets
What I liked: 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues
1. The packaging is easy to carry around, and the flip cover actually stays shut. The pack is designed in a manner so that the sheets don't get dirty inside the bag. 
2. Is able to blot some oil off the face. 
3. Economical - when compared to TBS prices. 
4. It doesn't disturb makeup used. 
What I didn't like: 
1. The tiny sizes of the sheet. I have very oily skin now and my T-zone itself saturates one sheet. If I wanna blot the entire face, I need two sheets. 
2. I don't feel like it really has any oils mentioned in the ingredients. The sheets I got don't have that distinctive fragrance of tea tree oil. They seem like just regular green colored blotting sheets. I purchased these during summer, way before the fiasco over TBS selling expired stuff broke out. But since I couldn't smell any oils on the sheets, I sometimes wonder if these are "expired" too.
3. For some reason, post using this, my face would become oily & greasy again within the hour. So if I use this once, I have to keep using this the whole day. 
Will I re-purchase: No. They don't really seem to do anything extra that a regular soft dry face tissue wouldn't accomplish. Once this gets over, I'm just gonna carry some plain non-abrasive tissue instead. 
Also Since the last two months I have instead been using MAC's Blot Powder in the mornings and I find that to be much better for oil control than these sheets. 


  1. nice review T
    I used to love Clean and clear oil blotting sheets. They used to make my skin completely oil free .. probably one of the best oil blotting sheets around.Too bad they are discontinued.. I have'nt been able to find stuff half as good as Clean and clear.
    MAC blot is supposed to be good in oil control dept :)

    1. Thanks Palak :)

      I've only heard of the C&C sheets - neva seen or used them... I guess they got dc-ed before my skin did a volte-face & turned oily :)

      MAC Blot powder is really good.. I really like it :)

  2. hey Tanveer, I saw them yesterday when i visited their store in a mall. I have oily skin but have never using blotting sheets.

    1. Yes, this is a part of their regular line up.. I like to use some sort of oil control these days or my foundations wears off really quick :)

  3. I would have bought it for the fact that it had tree tea oil and was for only RS175.. But as you say it does not do anything exceptional, I'll pass.

    How have you been Tanveer :).. Hope to meet again soon.

    1. That's the same reason I bought it - cheap + tea tree.. But it is just okay.

      I'm doing well Karishma.. How have you been? It's been long na? Yes, even I'm looking forward to meeting you soon :)

  4. You could try NYX's as well ,,I haven't used them as I don't need to but they come in a lot of variety as well.

  5. NYX has blot sheets? I had no clue.. Lemme check them out, thnks for the reccos Saumya :)

  6. NYX has does basicare..those are cheap and not bad for the price...and they are available online at UT!!
    but blot powder is whack...i've witnessed its power in full on a friend and i'll just say it again-- its da bomb!! :P

  7. nyx has does basicare...those ones are cheap and not so bad given the price...and they available at UT!!
    and blot powder is whack...i've witnessed it in full power on a friend and lemme say this again -- its da bomb!! :P

  8. I have NYX's blotting sheets..cheaper than TBS. I got those in a sale off Cherry culture..waaaay cheaper.
    they r very similar to these: not extraordinarily effective but serves the purpose for that time.


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