Happy New Year & A Quick Smoky Tutorial

Happy New Year!

I hope this year is all sorts of awesome for all of you!

Yesterday was quite a hectic day, I had to rush back from office, get ready & then step out again. So I did a very, very quick smoky eye. 

1. Get your face base in order. I just washed my face & applied a quick swipe of MAC Blot Powder
2. Apply MAC Power Kohl in Orpheus along the upper & lower lash line. This is a very bronzy, shimmery black based kohl, a LE product that is part of the Glamour Daze Collection. 
2. I lined the waterline with MAC Feline. You can use any deep black kohl. Use one that is bit smudgy, so your eye makeup keeps getting smoky as we go. 
3. Now here you stop your make-up and do you do your hair / clothes / shoes / whatever. Basically to give time to Feline to get a bit smudgy on its own. Takes about 15 minutes. Or else you could blend it in yourself with Orpheus on the lower lash line. 
4. Run over the blended lower lash line with Orphesus again. 
5. Mascara: Lakme Absolute - it darkens & lenthens like nothing else. 
6. Blush: MAC Mocha. Just use which ever blush you like. 
7. Lips: MAC P+P, followed by Hot Tahiti. 

That is it! This makeup shouldn't take you longer than ten minutes. 

How was your New Year? What look did you wear?


  1. That's a lovely tip Tanz. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Happy New Year to you too babe ♥

  3. Happie new year Tanveer :) Bourjois Noir black is jet black and smudgy.Will try ur tute today :)

  4. ♥ it I can't wait to see all your new ideas for the new year cheers!!

  5. Happy New Year Tanveer :) Very very handy tips

  6. Happy New Year Tan! Wishing you love, happiness and success in 2013! xx


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