Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara - Review

It claims:  Indian women are blessed with gorgeous deep set eyes and to help highlight this feature, Lakmé has launched Lakmé Eyeconic – a revolutionary range consisting of kajal and mascara. The mascara gives the eyes an intense black finish and comes equipped with a curling brush that helps give curves to your lashes. It is also enriched with D-Panthenol – a moisturizer which keeps lashes soft and smooth. The product makes the eyes look brighter and adds a perfect sparkle to your entire look. 

Price: Rs. 250 for the 9 ml tube

What I liked: 

1. The brush! I love, love the curled brush. Because of its unique shape, the bottom of the curve of the brush can be used to apply mascara right to the root of the lashes, it grabs a few of the lashes at a time and then you can easily apply the mascara through and through. The closely spaced bristles mean that it grabs all the lash hairs in one go and has a good grip on them. Again because of the shape, the end of the brush reaches very easily to apply mascara into the inner corner lashes. This is something I generally struggle with most wands. The brush is also sleek enough to apply mascara to the lower lashes without creating a mess. 

2. The color is a deep, dark intense black. It really darkens my lashes to make them appear quite dramatic.

3. It did not flake on me, and is easy to build layers. 

4. It does curl the lashes a bit as it dries. Considering how much I freak out around lash curlers, this one is kinda makes up for the lack of curling - a little bit at least. 

5. I've been using this current tube for over 2-3 months now and it hasn't dried as yet. 

6. It is priced really nice!

What could be better: 

1. It could be water-proof. Admittedly, it is water resistant and it starts to bleed a bit only when I splash my face with water, but I generally use a face mist every couple of hours during the day & when I have this mascara on I have to skip it. 

2. The formula neither volumizes nor lengthens considerably. However it didn't promise to do either, anyway. When I used this the first 2-3 times the formula was a bit wet, and I would have to wait for a minute for it to dry or else it was all Smudge-ville. But it has settled to a thicker consistency now which I prefer. 

3. I wish this were available in brown. It is very intense black, a little too black for me to be able to wear it to office. I would love a dark brown variant.  

Would I repurchase: Yes! Just because of the brush. I love the brush design & I think it is absolute genius! It really helps apply the mascara very very well, right down from the roots, all the way. The shape makes it easy to apply mascara to the inner, outer corners as well as the lower lashes. The formula too is decent and doesn't get clumpy over time (I've been using this since 2-3 months). 

I am quite fond of the Maybelline Colossal Mascara as well, but between the two I'll have to pick Lakme. The only thing going for the Colossal one is that it is water-proof and it volumizes a bit more than Lakme. But I find the brush is not as user-friendly for the inner corners & lower lashes. The mascara tends to get very clumpy in about 2-3 months of opening rendering it quite unusable. It is priced around 350 bucks compared to 250 for Lakme. 

What can I say, this Lakme Mascara has spoilt me.  

Have you girls tried this mascara? What did you think of the curled wand?

Product sent by Company / PR for review. The review is a honest recount of my experience & opinions about the said products. 


  1. I alwayssssss struggle with Mascaras .... but this one is little better then some of the high end brands i tried and even I am going to be loyal to this until i find a good one for my small lashes :D :D lovely review Tanz :D

  2. I also love it, yes the brush contour does the trick....I was in Germany , and the local companies there like Essence and P2 have such wands...which are technically great :)

    1. That's really nice, the brush makes such a major difference in application. I think this curved brush is pretty smart :)

  3. been wanting to get this for a while now, sealed the deal in my head after reading your review on it! amazing review

  4. I love mascaras but have not tried this one yet.:)
    may be in the next haul.
    Great review!

  5. Am loving this mascara! one of the best purchases made last yr :)

  6. oh ! now i regret not buying it ! Sometimes, I don't like too much of the volume which the collossal gives... specially for mornings..when i would like to keep it simple

  7. I got this on ur recco and I'm loving it! Amazing brush-love the curve, it make life so easy and the best part-the PRICE!! :)

  8. I got this on ur recco and its great! Love the curved brush and the best part-the price!!!! :)


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