Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania in Pink Champagne (607): Review & Swatches

Glitter nail paints are my favorite kind of nail paints. They look really glam, stay on long & oddly enough, if you choose the correct shade - are very office appropriate!

Maybelline recently launched their Glitter Mania nail paints with about 7 shades roughly. Priced at Rs. 120/- for 6ml, this range is a new launch.

There isn't much information on the bottle about the product so let's just dive into the review!

What I liked: 

1. The color! It is a pretty silver with a tinge of pink. In the evening it appears silver, but the pink in it gives it a beautiful rosy sheen that makes it look different from regular silver glitter nail paints. I also think it seems to make the color a lot more wearable than a plain silver which can be too cool for Indian skintones. Another thing about this particular shade is that is actually a very neutral shade and works beautifully for office. While overloaded with glitter, it looks classy enough and the color is neutral enough for office. It will look beautiful but not attract weird attention like a orange or blue nail paint might.

2. The product has a usage date of 36 months from expiry... which is a very long while. I am pretty sure the nail paint would have dried up by then tbh.

3. It is priced decently at 125/- and the brush itself is decent and picks up optimum quantity of glitter.

4. The product formulation itself is pretty good. The glitter is dense enough to get complete coverage in a single coat, although I prefer two coats for the *bling*, it dries quickly (like 5 minutes max) plus the gritty, glittery texture means that even if you are a clutz like me and screw things up by introducing air bubbles or fingerprints - this nail paint won't show it! Messy application? Bring it on!

5. Like all glitter nail paints, it stays on for a good 4-5 days without any sort of top coat.
Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania in Pink Champagne - Swatch

Maybelline ColorShow Glitter Mania in Pink Champagne - Swatch

 What could be better:

1. Information about ingredients. At 125 bucks, I don't expect this to be the Big 3 free, but to provide no information at all about what the heck it contains is a little disturbing.

2. Packaging: The bottle is not sealed when sold. Psychologically I don't like products that aren't sealed because it just makes me feel like I am buying a product that could have been used.

3. Like all glitter nail paints, this is a b*tch to take off and it will leave your nails wrecked.

Overall: I love this shade - Pink Champagne and recommend this if you love glitter nail paints. 

It is a lovely color and is neutral enough to match both Indian & Western outfits and also looks lovely for office. I use this on short nails, as I personally don't like how glitter nail paint looks on long nails. As you can see from the images above, I am a messy applicator and I like that this nail paint doesn't require me to be precise.

The price is good and did I mention how beautiful the color is?


  1. This one is my favorite shade from the entire range ! I love glitter nail paints but yeah they are definitely a pain to take off

    1. Even I think this is the most unique and best from the range!

  2. Yay! Nice to see you back T :)

  3. Looks like the sally hansen pink glitter one (I forget the name). I absolutely loved it (got it with my pedicure one time) but taking it off sucked so much that I didn't bother to ask for it again.

  4. i have the 601 all that glitters in this range. the shade looks really good on you.

  5. i have the 601 all that glitters in this range. the shade looks pretty on you :)


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