Maybelline ColorShow in 006 Ladies Night: Review & Swatch

Maybelline recently launched their budget line of nail paints much to the enthusiasm of nail art fans everywhere.

Priced at Rs. 75 and boasting of over 40 shades, the line claimed they had a color for everyone. The first one I selected to try out from the line was an inky blue shade called Ladies Night and quite aptly numbered Double O Six (Get the bond drift?)

Maybelline claims:
With trendy, super stylish shades, these nail colors add oodles of attitude to your overall look. Presenting 40 attractive shades, the Maybelline Color Show Range let’s you mix, match and experiment with color!
Here’s why you’ll love it:
• Nail colors have a gel-based formula for increased staying power
• Is chip-resistant and comes with an easy-flow brush
• Available in 40 different shades

I liked: 

1. The color is deep blue - a nice alternative to black. There are times when I get sick of 'feminine' shades of nail paints like peach & pink & red and crave something that is very rock & roll. This color occupies that niche where it is very edgy yet not so out there that you get branded a weirdo. While in the bottle it appears shimmery, it dries with a sheen finish.

2. For a nail paint priced at Rs. 75 I expected it to chip off in like 12 hours, but it did last 2 whole days before it started to show signs of wear & tear. I did use a top coat though.

3. I can't say if it is a gel based formula, but I did notice that it dries pretty fast and goes on quite smoothly. No air bubbles or goopiness. The formula is thin yet not so sheer that you need 3 coats to get coverage. Two coats suffice, and since it dries fast there is no irritating waiting inbetween.

4. The price is good! and the packaging is classy despite the price. The brush too is decent and thick.

What could be better: 

1. It dried with a sheen! When I purchased the bottle I admit I was seduced by what looked like very fine silver shimmer in the formula. I thought this would be a very cool deep blue speckled with silver shimmer. But on the nails it was barely visible (to me atleast). Still hungering for my glitter - I topped it with NYX Maven which is a clear nail paint with blue-green shimmer. It reminds me of mermaids & is a very cool top coat if you are into cool shades of nail paints.

Overall: This particular color gets a thumbs up for being a decently priced deep blue nail paint of quality in the budget segment.

Although I am not very impressed with the other shades they have in this range - with a few exceptions - most of the colors don't fascinate me. There is a single nude shade which is too dark to be nude for me. They have shades like grey & taupe which if I corrected remember were a trend two years ago. I wish there were more unusual shades like Eggplant Purple. I think the range has hits & misses - but since it offers such a large variety at such a decent price - I overall do think this is a good launch by Maybelline.

What are your favorite shades from this range? 


  1. Hey Tanveer, have you checked the Crazy Berry shade? It is quite like Eggplant Purple color. I do not have the shade because I got something similar from Colorbar. You might like it. Also, I think Blueberry Ice is quite a unique color for the price range in India.


  2. I like Cinderella Pink. It is a the first colour I tried and it is this pretty baby pink with satiny finish.


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