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PK: Anushka Sharma's beauty breakdown

Did you know that the pixie cut Anushka sports in the movie was a wig?

I just found out a while ago and I'm glad it ain't a permanent cut. I'm not fond of pixie cuts. Even Penny sports one on the latest season of Big Bang Theory and it doesn't seem to suit her either. Anushka does make it work though.

More disturbing than the wig on Anushka are her lips.

During the first 30 minutes of the movie there are close-ups of her face on the giant screen. It didn't help that I had third row from the screen tickets - and it is very evident that she's got some plumping done to her lips. They look so odd and out of sorts with the rest of her delicate features. Instead of focusing on the feelings of love / infatuation she was trying to convey through her eyes, all I could focus on were those duck-lips. I didn't like them!

I enjoyed the movie, the first half is pretty good. The second half drags a bit but I liked the message behind the movie so I would definitely recommend it. I loved the initial scenes in Bruges, Brussels - because I was there during the same time as the shooting! I saw all of that set-up with "Bachchan reads Bachchan" and a local gondola sailor did ask me if I was a part of the Bollywood team there for the shoot. I was just so taken in by the beauty of the city that I didn't pay attention to what he was saying and went my own merry way! Not that I regret it one bit.

Bruges is a World Heritage Site - meaning the entire city is protected as a heritage monument. No cars are allowed in the city - you can walk, take a horse carriage or the boat or cycle down to your destination. There has been no new construction there since 18th century. I felt like I had time-travelled to Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice". Frankly the movie does not do justice to how beautiful the city really is. If you get the chance it is worth spending a day there. Besides it is dotted with chocolate shops and Belgian chocolate is one of the best in the world! I got my ticket's worth just from the Bruges scenes. (Can you tell I miss Europe? I so do!)

Anyways, coming back to Anushka's look in the movie, her makeup is very reminiscent of the typical English Rose look the Bruges scenes. Light brown eyeliner on top, brown eyeshadow on lower lash line, lots of lashy mascara, oodles of pink blush & rosy pink lip pencils - they kept the texture matt so that it looks natural on screen. I had no idea Anushka was so fair skinned. She doesn't look so fair skinned in her other movies so I felt that maybe a lighter foundation was used for the Europe scenes. Even in terms of clothes I felt that she dressed very Euro-chic with pea-coats, trenches and floral patterned tops. It makes sense as Bruges generally has cold wet weather.

Once the movie moves to India, her look became more focused on the eyes. A reflection of how Indian girls do their makeup. It featured a lot more kajal and mascara, the pink blush was replaced with something a bit more tawny. Even her skin seemed to warm up a bit and not look as pale as earlier. Her lips continued to sport lip pencils but now they were tinged with a bit of deeper pink or wine shades at times. Her lip colors I think were adjusted basis her clothes - sometimes she wore nude lips, and sometimes they were deeper. She also sports very pretty dangly earrings throughout the movie - dragonflies and such!

Her nails were well manicured and she wore very light pink and nudes throughout. No startling reds here!

In terms of fashion, Anushka mostly wore BoyFriend Jeans with neutral colored tops and jackets. It is a look that she carries very well thanks to her body structure.

There is also a delightful video anchored by Anushka that explains the process used to finalise her look. You can watch this video below:

What did you think about the movie & Jaggu's look? 


  1. Lovely post. I was thinking of doing a post like this when I was watching the movie but then I thought that I cannot possibly do it better than you. I loved how she pulled the haircut on her face. It kind of inspired me as well but I am sure that I regret, keeping safe distance from that thought. Even I felt she looked lot fairer than usual. Even her skin looked great.
    Thanks for sharing the details on the location. I really wish to visit the place one day.

    1. Hey Shayoni! That is a lovely thing to say... thank you so much.

      Even I thght she pulled off the pixie quite well, despite its rep as a tough look. It wld be great if we also cld try wigs like her before committing to a hair style.. I chopped my hair into a lob few months ago. And I didn't regret it!

      I hope you visit Belgium someday... it is a beautiful country! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I have never been a fan of Anushka Sharma to be honest..the only time I could stand her was in Matru Ka Bijli Ka Mandola.. And about those lips!! She was always quite pretty, but now those collagen lips make her looks so very fake! I cannot understand why she went and did what she did..
    And the pixie cut, I am not a fan of it either and Penny From BBT did look a lot prettier with longer hair!

    My favorite part of your post was not the PK Anushka look part, but rather your eloquent account of Bruges! I would love it if you could do a detailed post on your favorite spots from your Euro Trip!
    Also, I am so glad to see your posts in my feed again!!

    Keep them coming!

    I would also love to see some posts about your weight loss maintenance and how life has changed after weight loss too!

    1. I too think plumping her lips was a bad move by Anushka... It just doesn't go with her features. I really feel that most of us are born with features that work best with each other. Plump lips look so natural on Angelina but so fake on Anushka.

      Penny's facial expressions and quirks seemed so much more endearing with her longer hair. This pixie makes her look too mature.

      I would love to do posts on my Euro Trip! It was one of the most fun-filled trips of my life and I wouldn't miss a chance to talk about them at all! I will definitely write about it in the coming weeks! I do intend to start writing again. It is a good hobby that helped me develop my thinking skills a lot and I intend to get back.

      I will also revive the BB series. I have been on this lifestyle for about 2 years now and have a number of thoughts swirling in my head about life after weight loss. Thanks for reading Fathima! :D

    2. I had the exact same thoughts about Penny and her hair,every time I see Big Bang Theory Now!
      I have been lacking in writing for my blog as well. My only "resolution" resolution for New Years is to start reviving my blog again.
      I am over 20 kg over weight and I am still just 20 years old...I would love it if you could do a post on perseverance! I know all these diets and workouts that can work..but sticking through is what I cannot do !

    3. I hope you get over your writer's block and start blogging again as well!

      I will do a post on perseverance in the next few days... In a nutshell, remember that willpower is a finite muscle, so ensure there are as few temptations as possible in the initial days. And find your "North Star" - your real purpose for wanting to get fit. What does it mean for you to lose these 20 kgs? What will it do for you?

    4. You are so right! I always see these article on what to eat and how to workout..but they never tell you what to keep thinking..or what not to think about..

      For me, Weightloss is a lot of things.. Dressing the way I want without the fear of flab, and of course getting to prove all those people that said.."you are so pretty, but you'd be so mucccccch perfect if you reduce..and then I'd be totally jealous of you"


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