Marsala never went out of fashion in India

I never knew the color "wine" was called "marsala" in fancy terms. Kind of like how Maroon becomes Oxblood.

But for a change I love this purported color of 2015. Marsala. Better than the Orange & Orchid they've come up with earlier.

But to be honest I don't really know what happens with these pronouncements of "Color of the Year". I see a bit of furor at the beginning, but I didn't see any Orchid colored makeup or clothes in the store last year.

Marsala looks like a very "fall" color, which is probably why I like it so much. I do prefer deeper, darker tones of color and it helps that it goes so well with grey that has been completely dominating clothing for the last few months. I also tend to prefer it with a bit more red than brown in it.

Marsala is a color I possess in clothes already. I have a pair of jeans in this shade, as well as a moto faux-leather jacket.

Even when I look at make-up I don't think this is a difficult color to lay your hands on. It looks gorgeous on eyes, lips & the cheeks.

Here are some makeup items you could look at to sport this color:

1. Lakme 423 Satin Enrich Lipstick: Marsala is said to be a wine-red color. And this Lakme lipstick applied as a tint will make you look like you've been guzzling on the stuff.

2. NYX Cream Blush in Diva: It looks intimidating as hell in the pan, but it blends out to a beautiful deep wine brown color on the cheeks.

3. MAC Fluidline in Dark Diversion: If you are green eyed, you must be excited about Marsala because it looks beautiful against green eyes! It contrasts beautifully! Only this used to be a LE product but you may get it at the pro store in Juhu.
Unlike this face chart, don't wear it all at once!

4. Revlon SuperLustrous Lipstick Wine with Everything: I love the formula of this lipstick range. It wears well.

5. MAC Paintpot in Idyllic: Deep burgundy with shimmer. Looks beautiful on the eyes.

6. Jordana Nail Paint in Blackberry: a deep wine shade.

7. MAC Lipstick Diva: For those of who would be willing to wear this color in all its intensity and with a red base. Diva with its matt texture is awesome!

8. MAC Lipstick in Viva Glam III: A browner version of this shade. Plus all proceeds from the sale of this lipstick go to charity!

How I would wear it:

1. If I'm wearing this on the lips, I would pair a medium black cat eyeliner. Mascara. No eyeshadow and a blush in the same shade but very, very faint.

2. If I'm wearing this color on the eyes - I'll probably do a smoky look with dark grey or black to smoke it out. So lips would be just lipbalm + natural lip pencil. This is a look that Kristen Stewart has worn often in the past. This color also looks good with gold and you could use that in the inner corner to lift the look if it looks too dark. An additional tip would be to wear it with shimmer. Sometimes on certain skin tones, the color can start looking like a bad shade of bruise if used in matt formulation.

Please note that these makeup recommendations are my interpretation of the color Marsala. 

What are your thoughts &  recommendations for Marsala?


  1. I agree…. in fact all through 80s bollywood we saw Marsala …LOL

  2. Even I had the same thought that Marsala is always IN in India.. It has always been an integral part of our makeup and fashion culture since the 80s.
    I would prefer to wear it more as a lip shade, a wine colored lipstain would look gorgeous on Indian skin tones! Maybe paired with a golden eyeshadow..

  3. Gosh i am dying to check your Marsala shade lippies.........


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