A few of my favorite fashion items

Any self-respecting style fashion book starts off with a list of the author's top ten must have items. In the last one year, I have read a lot of such lists. And have found most of them to be odious! It is full of staples like a silk white shirt, tailored black blazer & such items designed to help you, adult, successfully.

Only, I am not that person. I have barely any fashion/style credentials to talk about. I am just a regular girl and my main goal in life is to hide my insecurities and overcompensate for my dull life through my clothes.

Before I start putting up more extensive posts on my ideas on fashion, I thought it might be useful to share some of my favorite things. Not only does this feed my delusion that a ton of people are interested in what I like and will smash through shopping windows resulting in a mass shortage of the below-mentioned items (coz I'm the seventh undiscovered Kardashian sister), it also gives you a solid amount of information to form judgments about my style, and if you would like to copy/avoid it. (That is like the longest sentence ever)

1. Favorite tee: A dark gray/black tee. Preferably in linen with a slouchy fit. I don't like white tees because I always stain them with coffee on my first wear, and I like my tees to be the same color as my soul - Dark.

2. Favorite color: Always navy blue. Unless the item is available in red. Then it is always red.

3. Favorite sweater: Navy. But never any variation of beige, like oatmeal. You do not need such negativity in your life.

4. Favorite pattern: all of them. Striped, polka dots, plaid, leopard, gingham, I will wear them all. Not together though. The only print I don't like is florals. And that is possibly due to PSTD from the 2000s, when printed huge sunflowers on tops were a rage and I wore a lot of such tops, unfortunately.

5. Favorite Bottom: Mines? Okay, on a serious note, anything but denim jeans or work pants. Of course, I do own jeans & work trousers. Though let it be known that I have bought them out of social pressure as they are both considered acceptable on a variety of occassions. Most fashion tomes will suggest unripped fitted jeans or pants with a nice blouse, statement necklace, heels & a jacket for office / date night / grocery shopping / dying etc. Given a choice, I would rather substitute the jeans with a skirt/leggings/shorts/anything non-denim. But I love denim in any form but jeans. Go figure.

6. Favorite shoes: suede brogues. I will also wear sneakers with an elevated platform. I am not fussy.

7. Favorite length: be a mini or a maxi. I do not bother with midi lengths. I hate them.

8. Favorite supporting cast: Dry Shampoo and a red lipstick.

9. Favorite Store: Zara. because the employees there are always too hungover/exhausted/uninterested in asking me if I need help or if I am actually going to buy anything after trying on all the clothes on all the racks and leaving them inside-out on the table. Also, H&M, because that is where I go after Zara to get the trends in polyester.

10. Favorite style icons: Italian women, because I am tired of the French-It-Girl-trope. Also Jane Berkin coz she was so cool, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian coz she made curvy really cool. I am pear-shaped and cannot thank her enough for making butts great again.

If Google sent you here on your search for "how to dress like a fashion icon", oops you just got pranked. But if you feel this list wasn't the worst, my work here is done! :-)


  1. Ur list is very close to mine but i wud also add a handloom saree n silver junk jewellery to this.


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