The Body Shop Raid - Scheduled for Tommorrow

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After a week of waiting, I am finally hitting The Body Shop Sale tomorrow. I waited because first of all the store is a little far from my place so I can only go on the weekend. Besides other than their cheek tint, tea tree face wash and face buffer I have not used anything else and wanted some advice on what to get.

A big round of applause to Rati (read her blog here) and Divija (read her blog here) who helped me out with loads of reviews and advice.

So here is my tentative purchase list for tomorrow.

1. Foundation Brush
2. Body Exfoliation Gloves
3. Face Buffer (I really liked this thing. Read review here) - This purchase will happen only if there is a good discount since am getting a back up
4. Eye Shimmers in Violet and/or Indigo. I actually want Emerald - but the Indian website does not feature it so I dunno if they have this.
5. Metalic Eye definer in Emerald and Amythest - I have a weakness for eyeliners. Most women hoard shoes. I hoard eyeliners.

Also Rans, but got left out:
1. All in one Face Base: too expensive. Will depend on discount and actual matching of shade tomorrow.
2. Loose face powder: Loved Rati's review. Almost added it to my list. But then realised that it would give me a matt look. For some reason I like dewy looks, maybe because I have combination skin and get shine in all the wrong places, and flakes everywhere else.
3. Cheek and eye palette: Lovely brown shades, but too expensive at 1500/- . will purchase if final price is around 800 - 1000/-
4. Blush in Raspberry: Have too many blushes now. Besides am saving up to buy colorbar.

Any recommendations? Have I missed out something?

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  1. Tanvi, i did the recos post today! Check my blog...sorry for not posting in ur blog, honey...

  2. Hello...No body butters??!! It's :D The ones I like the most r Wild Cherry, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Pink Grapefruit, Vit E n Strawberry. Pls get at least 1 mini :D

  3. oh no!! the loose powder does not give a matte finish at all. it just gives a nice supple glow.. I would have hated it had it been all matte. Loose powderrs come in diffrent varitites for diff skin tones. This one is for the dry skin tone with all it's oils and moisturizing properties. I am using it every single day and no issues of flakes or anything and i have dry skin as well.

    lol!! now i seem to be selling.:P

    And as Cynthia suggested do pick up a body butter/lotion. :) Happy shopping!

  4. @ Divs: I read the post :D Thks so much. It was great help :)

  5. @ Clipped in: You can refer to their website for prices.

  6. @ Cynthia: Thks a lot for your warning lol, :D :D.. I chked out all the body butters as recommended and got Jap Cherry Blossom as tht smelt the best :D

  7. @ Rati: I tried out the loose powder and it is as great as you mentioned. Very fine, with tiny tiny shimmers.

    Only the store didn't have any pink toned powders.

    I can't carry off yellow toned powders. They make me look very pale and bloodless - like a vampire :D :D lol..


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