Friday, December 31, 2010

Revlon Colorburst Lipsticks - Swatches

Here are some swatches of the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks I have. As you might be aware I am extremly fond of this range :)

You can read my review of these lipsticks here.

from L to R: Blush, Grape, Soft Rose, Rosy Nude, True Red & Raspberry
In shade, from L to R: Blush, Grape, Soft Rose, Rosy Nude, True Red & Raspberry

In sunlight, from L to R: Blush, Grape, Soft Rose, Rosy Nude, True Red & Raspberry
In sunlight, from L to R: Blush, Grape, Soft Rose, Rosy Nude, True Red & Raspberry

Blush: is a shimmery pale pink shade with a touch of peach

Grape: Crushed Black grapes - this reminds me of the color of deep red wine. A soft purple that is easy to carry off thanks to its sheerness

Soft Rose: Pure Rosy Pink

Rosy Nude: Brown softened with a hint of rose pink.

True Red: Red with blue undertones.

Raspberry: My first colorburst! A very pretty deep, berry plumy pink.

Which colorbursts do you have? Any favourites?


  1. hey Tanveer... i have been following ur blog for quite sometime now...thank u for all the useful info u have posted..
    i would like to know what shade of lipstick would suit me... im neither fair nor very dark.. a little dark wheatish complexion.. my lips are not of the same colour.. the lower lip is lighter than the upper lip.. also in one of ur previous posts you had mentioned the benefits of sesame oil.. do u still use it ?? could u pls mention how frequently u used it and after how long could u see the benefits in ur hair ??

  2. They are really awesome quality lipsticks.!

  3. my fav rosy nude and true red..true red goes well with my complexion and it is one of my fav red :)

  4. wow! thanks for this :) i needed a post on this :)

  5. hey Tanveer, you always pick great shades ..i particularly like the swatch of rosy nude

  6. i liked blush and soft rose better. btw tanveer isnt soft nude avail. in india??i want to try that shade...

  7. Rosy nude looks sooo good....I think I will get it soon :) how similar or different is rosy nude from aphrodite blush?

  8. I like d blush,soft rose n rosy love peach more...m surely gettng peach..thanks for the swatches..

  9. Wowww lovely ones!!!I love rosy nude & blush:))
    I have Peach which is also awesome!!

  10. BEAUTIFUL COLLECTION TANVEER...I am liking Rosy Nude a lot

  11. thanks for the swatches! ive been wanting to try these lipsticks fr a long time!
    im rlly like blush and soft rose!

  12. ah, these get so much rave n the blogsphere.
    I need to pick one up, it'll probably be raspberry

  13. Wow! Nice collection T...u really like them! :D. I just have Fuchsia & True Red. I wanted to get one more shade- Blush or Soft Nude, but couldn't decide


  14. These are really nice and look awesome too...great review!!!

  15. I don't have any yet! The tragedy...

    I love your swatches though. I'm currently posted in Singapore so I'm not sure if they'll sell True Red and Raspberry here, but I'm definitely keen. Have you ever tried Revlon's Fire & Ice? It's their classic red, and I'm dying to try it.

    Thank you so much for the swatches! Raspberry looks GORGEOUS.

  16. nice review, i ve soft rose,nd its quite dark for my complextion as m affraid to wear dark colors though it look soft in your pics

  17. nice review, i own soft rose n its lil dark for my complextion as m affraid to wear dark tones on lips though it look quite soft in ur pics


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