Lakme Fantasy Shimmer Liner - Review

It Claims: Steal the secret to those twinkling eyes with a gel based liner infused with micro-fine glitter particles. This rich sparkle liner lets you line, layer or blend without smudging or spreading.

Available in 8 colors as a part of the Fantasy Collection

Price: Rs. 275/- for 3.5 ml

Reviewing Midnight Moon & Astral Green. I applied these only on the upper lash line. 

What I liked: 

1. Both colors are awesome. Midnight Moon is a beautiful shimmery bluish black shade & Astral Green is a dark jewel green shimmery shade. They both have a rich metallic finish, silver shimmer & look very beautiful and striking when applied. 

2. The liner is gel based, so it takes a few seconds to dry, this gives one enough time to blend the liner and correct any mistakes or unevenness

Astral Green on top, Midnight Moon below
3. It lasts for 3 hours, post that it starts to flake.

4. The brush is very thin giving one the control to make either a very thin line or a thicker one if desired.

5. While they are both shimmery, these liners can be easily worn to office without looking OTT. 

What could be better: 

1. It is not rub / smudge proof. The moment I rub my eyes both the liners started to flake. I do have oily lids so that may have contributed further to the flaking & wear. (Ideally one should not touch the eyes once you make makeup on, but who am I kidding. I cannot go through 8 hours of office without touching my lids once)

2. Midnight Moon tends to go on a bit sheer - necessitating layering to get a deeper color. 

Recommended: Yes, Astral Green is very, very beautiful, I'd recommend this shade for sure to all gals who loved colored eyeliners. I'm planning to check out the purple one next. 

Product sent by Company / PR for consideration, this is an honest recount of my experience. 


  1. I think I am getting Midnight Moon :-))

  2. I got a blue 1 but dont remember the name :P In your case both colors are beautiful, but the green is fab. Thanks for the great review :) beautiful, but the green is fab. Thanks for the great review :)

  3. These liners seem so close or exactly the same as Stila's new sparkly liquid liners and some of MUFE's. And you can't beat this price. Luv both colors you swatched. thx for the great review

  4. Yes, the Midnight Moon is quite sheer, but don't you also think they could do with a bit less shimmer?

  5. Tanz i like them because it is so easy to apply winged eyeliner with these :)

  6. I have given u a blog award! come and take a look.

  7. Wow both are so wonderful shades.M buying myself Astral Green one first thing tomorrow.Can i use it on lower lash line?

  8. I have astral green..midnight moon looks pretty too..

  9. Looks good. I have the golden one. Now I want the Midnight Moon

  10. I have the bronze one, and totally like it :) this time its Astral green on my list :)

  11. @SpeakingChic: LOL! No, I don't think think they could do with a little less shimmer.. I think that metallic shimmery tone is what sets these liners apart & I love them just the way they are.. I always get a ton of compliments whenever I use these to office :D

  12. @Anks - I love these, they always get me a ton of compliments :).. I only wish they wldn't flake or rub off so easily :D

    @Monali: I never use liquid liners on lower lash line.. I'm not sure if you can use these, Lakme says nothing about safety for use on lower lash line.. I'd be cautious if I were you :)

  13. lovvveeed the blue shade. i might buy that one. :P


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