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How to do your makeup if you live in a Humid Environment

Nana Chowk on the left to Tardeo on the right ...Image via Wikipedia
Those of you who live in cities like Mumbai, Goa, Kolkata, Cochin and other costal places - will understand what a boon and a pain it is at the same time.

The humidity in the air is excellent for those with dry skins as it keeps the skin moist - much more than it would be in a drier environment.

But it also makes oily skin more oily, and makes the hair frizzy (Monica from Friends, Season 10 in Barbados - anyone) and makes make up close to impossible - especially if you will not be spending the day in a closed, air & humidity controlled (A/C) environment. 

But sometimes you still gotta look good, even if you will be fighting the crowds of a local train. So here is quick guide of what works for me on days - when I know I will be sweating it out.

(Btw the image above is of Mumbai at night - Aerial shot - it is the prettiest thing I have seen, and it looks like my city's streets are paved with molten gold - I love this city - buzzing, vibrant, safe, happening and it has a heart - Sorry, I am digressing - back to the topic at hand)

1. First of all, if you're in a place like Mumbai in summers - you will sweat - that is a given - even on the face. Keep this in mind and use a strong deodrant.

2. I tend to skip foundation, concealer, loose powder - the works - because I know I will keep wiping the sweat off my face, and anything I apply will get rubbed off.

3. After I wash my face, if needed I apply a moisturizer (oil free) - both Neutrogena Moisturizer for Combination Skin (read review here) as well as Khadi Rose & Aloe Vera Moisturiser suit me well.

4. After that comes Sunscreen: Neutrogena Sunblock - that is water & sweat resistant, besides it also resists rub off. Read review here

5. Most days in summer I just apply just  waterproof Mascara (Maybelline Colossal Volume - review) and a swipe of my colorbar lipstick in bare or Irish rose. I carry Nivea Lip Balm and Neutrogena Sunscreen with me for touchups. That is it. I am ready to step out of the door.

6. I prefer not to use eye liner in summers as I just wanna feel light and airy - no heavy textures on face - but if your can't live without liner - use a smudge and waterproof liner.

7. I don't like powder blushes in this humid weather - so if I have to use one, I use a tint. I like TBS Cheek & Lip Tint. This is waterproof, sweatproof and even resists rub off. Even NYX cream blushes are rub off resistant and a good alternative for those of you with dry skin.

8. I carry a mister with rose water for my face - when the heat gets unbearable - a few mists help me cool!

That is my routine for Mumbai Summers. What about you? Do you have a special routine for summers?

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  1. I m sure this post will help lot many people who are living in coastal places...

    Its a beautiful pic but will scare me if i will look for a house there.:D

  2. @Anamika: Mumbai is a very very crowded city..

    People & buildings everywhere. In part that is what makes it so safe - there are people on the road even at 11 in the night - shops are open, cars are rushing home, unless u venture into a desolate lane - you are safe.

    But like u said, a lot of people who are used to open spaces tend to find it very cramped.

  3. I like all the tips !!
    Its same with me :p
    Besides, I also use the Ponds Oil control concentrate and blotters to keep the excess oilies away :D

  4. @Palak: After reading your review - I went to the store to pick up this Ponds Oil control concentrate - but it was outta stock!

    Thks! Am glad u liked the tips!

  5. I'm going to be in Chennai for a while after my wedding, so I should totally bookmark this. :)

  6. where was this post when i visited karachi :P great post tanveer, i am gonna save it incase if i ever visit Karachi again :P

  7. After many days the signature "short and sweet post" is back. :) Book marked it already for future purposes. :P

    That TBS tint you have is gorgeous and words are less to explain how beautiful it looks on lips. I swatched it this time when I went to the store. I wish they could do the same with other tints as well.

  8. Hey Tanveer, Being from Mumbai myself, I knw how bad the humidity can get...I somewhat follow similar routine as yours in summers except that over my ponds age miracle cream I use compact which helps give a matte effect and removes any oiliness that may have been caused due to the cream....

    With all its pros & cons I LOVE MUMBAI!!!


  9. Mee total Bombaite!!!Love the tips..hav almost stopped using eyeliners, its just toooo hottttt!!
    I carry the skin freshner spray too!!

  10. I have to agree. As much as I love makeup, I find that Mumbai summers just don't allow it! I still pop on a bit of MAC powder foundation and lip products, but I skip on the eye makeup entirely. This is a time to focus on lovely tops, sandals and jewelry, not makeup I guess. :(

  11. This is so helpful especially since I'm going back to Dubai & Pune for a visit.. after 9 years!! Thanks for all the info

  12. This was almost similar to my routine during my life in Cochin.

    Although TBS, Nyx, Neutrogena and such brands were unknown to me then :-)

    Nice post Tanveer.

  13. HI ATB :)
    I used to be from Mumbai too, its my home forever even though I can only visit occasionally these days. I stayed in Chennai for two years and the heat and sweat there is unimaginable, far worse than Mumbai. I just found your blog thru a link on Mumbai Mirror and I have to say, good job! There really are almost no good Indian makeup blogs so yours is filling a much needed gap. I had started my own blog sometime back, but its more or less abandoned. I just cant find the time. Maintaining a quality blog takes commitment and hardwork, so all the best and keep up the good work :)

  14. Oops sorry, typed in a hurry. In the comment above, I meant to say that you are filling a gap that really needed to be filled :)

  15. Oops sorry, typed in a hurry. In the comment above, I meant to say that your blog is filling a gap that really needed to be filled.

  16. @Ki & Sarah: Thks! I hope these tips help :)

  17. @Rati: Thks :) I know! I love TBS tints! I never buy tints with shimmer - somehow they seem a lil wrong! :)

    @HD: Mee too loves this city!!! I avoid compact as it dries out my skin - but it is great for oilies!

    @Simran: i know! Too hot for thick liners :P

    @Ashwini: Thks :) I agree, heavy eye make up in mumbai summers makes u look less fresh for some reason!

    @Siamese: Yr welcome! :D

    @Poornima: Thks :).. I guess we all do pretty much the same, only brands differ :D

    @Anonymous: Hey! Thks so much for the lovely comment! :D.. I can imagine - I was in Cochin last year for 10 days & Mumbai felt cooler when I came back! U say u found this blog through a link in Mumbai Mirror.. Can u share that with me please? I am totally unaware of it

    Thks for all the appreciation! It really made my day :D

  18. i really find this blog helpful. my family and I will be in India on the 1st of May and our first stop would be Mumbai... I live in the Philippines and I grumble in our 32-36 degrees weather.. i dont know how i could survive in but thanks to your blog I know what makeup products to bring.. atleast it could save me the extra kilos in baggage. thanks again. =)

  19. @Icysunitz: Hey! Thks! Glad to be of help :D.. Hope you have a good time in Mumbai!

  20. hey i am new to this blog and guess m getting addicted to it real fast!!! anyways can u tell me where in mumbai can i buy colorbar cosmetics? i just love their products bit cant find dem in have to ask my dad to get dem durin his busnissvtrips to delhi.. so m really desperate..anyhelp wud b appreciated. thanx!

  21. @Anonymous: You can find Colorbar cosmetic counters in all Food Bazaars, Afla at Irla & also new beauty centre in Khar, kandivali & crawford market.

    However do bear in mind that colorbar tends to be out of stock on a lot of products here :)

  22. Lovely Blog.. Just came across it :)

    And, I really really miss Mumbai :( I lived there for 25 years before moving. Not a day goes by when I dont think of moving back! :( Its the only place where I feel so ALIVE..

    Sorry... I digressed!


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