Nivea Fruity Shine Lip Balm in Dragon Fruit - Review

What it claims: Do you want to explore a sensational scent and fruity shine?
Experience the scent and taste of paradise! Enjoy NIVEA Lip Care Fruity Shine Dragon fruit leaving a touch of pinkish color on beautiful and gentle lips. This new formula combines rich almond oil, jojoba oil and shea butter to keep your lips as soft and fresh as they can be!
  • Delights young delicate lips with fruity scent and smoothing, long lasting care
  • Naturally enhances your lips with shimmering pigments and a soft glossy color
  • Contains SPF 10, protection against UVA and UVB rays
Price: Rs. 129/- for 4.5 gm twist up tube
Expiration: 12 months after opening
Available: at most chemists, super markets & beauty stores
1.      Like the other Nivea tinted lip balms – this too is tinted – a pretty pink. The balm itself appears a bright pink – almost too bright – but the color is a very light natural looking baby pink. Very pretty and natural. 

2.      The shimmer – this balm is loaded with shimmer – but it is of the good kind. It is very fine, does not feel gritty (actually I can’t feel it at all on the lips), and gives a fab shine without looking patchy or cheap or glittery and does not wander outside of the lips to all over the face making it totally wearable to office too!

3.      The lip balm wears off after some time, to leave behind a pale pinkish tint on the lips.& the shimmer too wears off to leave a natural tint. 

4.      Moisturising power is a little better compared to other lipbalms in this range. It is good, but not greatly so. 

5.      SPF 10

1.      I don’t know what Dragon Fruit smells like – but this smells too fruity. Too fruity that it can irritatingly so. Does not have the subtle sweetness of Strawberry.
Quick comparison with other Nivea Tinted Lipbalms
Well, this one is pink and shiny, strawberry is light matt red, and cherry is a deep matt pink – more like fuchsia. Cherry has the deepest tint of the lot, and strawberry smells the best. For more detailed reviews read here and here
Will I repurchase: Despite the cloyingly annoying fragrance? Yea.
I love lip tints and since I don’t have access to the benetints of the world – I use these and am pretty happy with them. I love the fresh summery pink color of this lip balm.
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  1. I am trying hard to find my strawberry lip balm of body shop..I guess probably i will have to try this one..I like fruity smell and taste too so i m sure i am going to love it.:)

  2. @Anamika: Is it out of stock at TBS? It must be really popular - though u can order it through their india website.

    Do let me know what you think of this :)

  3. No No!! Body shop are full of it its just that i lost it some where:D

  4. Am definately buying this...


  5. @Anamika: Ohhh.. I hope u find it :D

    @Shweta: Do let me know how you find this? :D

  6. I totally understand your love for Nivea Lip Balm.

    I am currently alternating between Vaseline and TBS Vitamin E lip balm.

    Maybe its time to give this brand a try :-)

  7. The packaging is so nice and I easily give into fruity smells, loved the review Tanveer.

  8. @Poornima: Hehehehe.. :D Try out strawberry - most ppl love it :D

    @Jomol: Thks :D

  9. after reading your review, I got the strawberry one....Most of the time I lick it ;)..Im loving the color and taste...will try this one too

  10. Bad girl, tanvi...u drive me crazy without the pics...guess wat? that makes the post and the product very attractive :) LOL

    pls tanvi, find time to post the pics for lip request :)

    I know another lip balm with dragon fruit :) guess wat? dont kill me...body shop's YES YES YES or Oui Oui Oui lip butter...a limited edition...which was later revamped as Guarana liop butter....ok, i will stop talking about TBS for now....

    wonderful review as always, tanvi...

  11. Loooks great. Nivea has some really good lip balms

  12. Hey T,Thanks for the review..I was going to purchase the nivea lip balm in a couple of days.Right now am using the himalaya lip balm (carrot seed and wheat germ oil) but it sort of gives a swelling to my lips..Is tat a allergic reaction .. ?

  13. @Vidhya: I love the strawberry one too!

    @Divija: I will try to post pics :D... Btw did the TBS lip balm have a very sweet fruity smell to it as well?

    @Sarah: Thks :D

  14. @Gurupreet: Thks :D... There cld be three reasons for the swelling -

    1. You are allergic, like you mentioned to some ingredient.

    2. The lip balm has been infected. It happened with my Biotique one - dratted thing needed you to dip fingers in it and it was so much in quantity. It got infected, and when ever i would apply it my lips would swell up and the skin would start peeling.

    3. Or else giving benefit of doubt to the product - it is designed to slightly plump up the lips for an Jolie effect.

  15. Have u tried any of Oriflame or Avon products?
    Would love to have ur reviews on them..

  16. Am going to try this!!Though like U I don't like the smell at all!!

  17. Knock Knock!!!

    Somebody there today?No post fro your side?

  18. @Minnie: I don't have anything frm Oriflame or Avon - save a liner and some top coat mascara - I will review those shortly. For some reason I can't find an Oriflam agent here in Mumbai...

    @Simran: The color is nice, the smell is like urghh..

    @Anamika: was a little busy in the morning. Survived an camphor poisoning attempt.. LOL :D :D

  19. I like how it sounds and a SPF 10 wins some brownie points from me !! I would love to give this one a try :)

  20. @palak: :D... do share your experiences :D

  21. Yeah thanks for the analysis T.. i will try the nivea lip balm which u suggest... i also thnink its the allergic reaction thing..

  22. Tanvi, sorry for the late doesnt have any sweet smell, but I find it kind of nauseating :) still, I wish to have my hands on that :)

  23. Great review T. I will pick up this one next time


  24. i like pink colour but it does not tastes that good. instead strawberry one is much better

  25. there is one more, the pomegranate one

  26. hey tanveer.. been reading your blog since morning!:P thats what i seem to be doing these days.. stumble upon a nice blog then read every article written there!:P but i finally had to comment here!!! i am a serious lip balm addict!!:O and i love my nivea lip balms so much that i actually asked Rati (of IMBB) if thats what she was wearing when she was wearing her fav Dior lippie!:P she ran with knives behind me!!! i love love loveee dragonfruit* and strawberry and cherry:)!!! i actually like the smell too.. :):) and awesome awesome blog!!:*

  27. @Anon: I don't know about taste.. Actually I have never felt any taste on using these. Maybe my taste buds are not that sensitive. But yea, even I like strawberry the best!

    @Anon: They haven't launched pomegrante in India yet. I hope they do so soon!

    @Ikye: OMG! That is such a gr8 pastime to read blogs the entire day, I wish I cld do it :)

    Thks a lot for your lovely comment! I am glad u enjoyed reading the blog :)

    I too just love nivea lipbalms & at any given time have all 3 flavours with me in my bag! Just love them! :D :D

  28. can even men use it.. i mean for smoky lips..:-)

  29. Hey Tanveer...I like your blog a lot! I make it a point to look up this blog before buying any beauty product :)
    This review makes me wanna buy this lip balm. But before I do that i wanted to know if the shimmer is of the multicolored types...I personally don't like that so much...So just wanted to make sure so that i dont end up buying something that I wouldn't use.
    I am on the lookout of that perfect lip balm that looks natural on the lips(natural pink), is a little glossy and stays put for some time at least ...lemme kno if u have any suggestions :)


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