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Lakme Night Fever - Glide on Eye Color & Aquashine Lip Color Review

Lakme has launched its new collection - Night Fever by Sumeet Varma. The new range adds to the existing line in terms of more intense shades, be it lipsticks or eye make up.

3 new additions have been made to the existing range of Glide On Eye Colors. (Read original review here)

What Lakme says: Deep, intense, molten hues in a silky soft, creamy texture. For eyes that reflect the stars. Edge, smudge, line, shadow, color or blend with the greatest of ease. Wear the colors of the season from subtle green to warm cooper and plush purple.
M.R.P. : Rs. 275/-

Below are the swatches: 

From top to bottom: Plush Purple, Aqua Green & Warm Copper

I like Warm copper the most in this line. Aqua Green is pretty too but doesn't go very well with my green-grey eyes. It will look very nice on brown eyes, I think. 

Plush Purple I don't like at all. It is a milky light bluish - purple, I prefer my purples to be more deeper, intense & richer - like aubergine. Darker actually, and they bring out the green in my eyes beautifully. 

Not this purple, this is just looks like a crayon on the eyes. There is nothing sophisticated about this color and looks very kiddish. 

Other than my review on the color, my opinion of these pencils does not change from my earlier review which you can read here. They have good staying power and are smudge proof as well. I am glad the price increase is minimal from Rs. 250 which was a year ago. 

Aquashine Lip Color Review: You can read my review of these here.

What Lakme says: A revolutionary product that’s everyone’s favourite. It’s a lipstick, a lip balm and lip gloss all in one. Available in brand new colors of the season. From luscious Sangria and Plum to sophisticated Sepia and Firebrick shades. With a unique applicator for enhanced color delivery. Just one sweep and you’re ready to go.
M.R.P. : Rs. 425/-

Swatches below: 
Aquashine Lip Color

From Top to bottom: Sangria, Sepia & Plum

My opinion of these too does not change much (read my earlier review here). 

All 3 colors are amazing, they have the right glossiness and look fab on the lips. Plum is a very glossy red-purple, Sepia is light brown & good for day time, Sangaria is a warm berry red that I feel is very easy to carry off. Most women would be comfortable with this kind of red. 

But they just don't last for long on the lips. You start to loose the glossy look with 30 minutes, you are left with the tint/color on the lips. Which too makes an exit an hour later. 

The formula seems to have become a little more thicker and stickier now. Even then, these babes barely last more than 2 hours and that is a disappointment. At 425/- a tube, these are quite expensive for something that barely lasts. 

Have you tried this new range from Lakme?

Edit: You can see more swatches on Cynthia's Blog

These products was sent to me by the company for consideration, however that has not affected my review in any way.


  1. ohhh i simply looove aqua green and warm copper! can't rave enough about them. plan to get them sooon. dislike plush purple for reasons similar to yours.

  2. i am liking the Aqua Green & Warm Copper, very pretty colors :)

  3. and you've posted pics! excellent!

  4. hehe yeah tanverr 's very own swatch, i am hallucinating or did it really happen?

  5. Hehehee..Sarah's comment was so funny..but yaa I have never seen you do swatches. As always pretty honest reviews :-) I don't have a problem with the aquashines wearing off..but I definitely hate the stickiness. The two I had have found happy loving homes elsewhere now :-)

  6. I'm going to buy Aqua Green eyepencil as I dont have a similar color and i guess it's gonna look pretty in summers :)

  7. Loved how honest you were. In Rati's blog she always raves about products when she gets them for free, but you've managed to give a balanced and fair review.

  8. Tanveer Iam going to buy aqua green :)

  9. bhavna, i'm sure we're all grown up enough over here to review products fairly, whether they're for free or not! rati is a fair and balanced beauty blogger and i am sure everyone will agree, including tanveer.

  10. Yay!! thankies tanvi..i am gonna get warm copper is a really pretty color....

  11. @Rima With all due respect to you and Rati I just said what's on my mind. It takes some amount of integrity to say what is wrong with a product that is sent by a PR company and Tanveer has done it showing she doesn't prioritize free samples over her readers' trust. Rati on the other hand never ever gives out the tangible cons of a product the results of which are the numerous samples she garners. I have every right to say this blog is better than the indianmakeupblogsham and I will. I know Tanveer is too well-mannered to even accept what I'm saying but it's true.

  12. it's ok bhavna, to each her own. that's your opinion and you have a right to say what you feel.

  13. Liking those pencils. I somehow like the Plush Purple hehe...but I can't be sure until I've seen it in real life lol. U know I love the Aquashines, but u say they've become thicker n stickier??? Omg, I hope I won't be disappointed


  14. gr8 review but I won't light the lipsticks coz evn if they r good they r not lasting..which is imp..when ur out u get a limited no. of opportunities to touch up..but glad that they r reducing the prices!!!

  15. @Rima: I hope u like them both :).. Thks. I actually posted pics coz I had alreday reviewed these pencils earlier and they haven't changed one bit except for the price.. So I thght I wld put up pics. Lotsa ppl were very curious what they looked like :D

    @Ki: Copper is gonna look real fab on you :)

    @Sarah: LOL, no babes, yr not hallucinating.. I did put up swatches. Not very nice ones though.. you veterans of swatches are much better at it than me :)

    @Rads: Thks :) I don't do swatches coz I don't have the time generally :).. I still have 3 aquashines from my previous purchase.. I love the colors, I only wish they would last longer. It is not practical to keep re-applying a prdt every 2 hours for me :D

    @Yuvna: aqua green is a brilliant color. I actually really like it but it clashes with my eyes.. I can't wear blue or green liners coz my eyes are also similar grey green & it seems to clash... But I think you might be able to carry it off. It is an amazing shade!

  16. @Vidhya: I am sure it will look amazing on your skin :)

    @Bhavna: Thks! :)
    I do try to be as honest as possible as I would feel really bad if someone wasted their hard-earned money on bad products because of me. I have wasted enough already! LOL :-D

    Of course it is true that everyone experiences products very differently and what would be a con to me might be a pro to someone else :D

    @Fathima: Hey, yr most welcome. Copper is my fav outta the three too! :D

  17. @Cynthia: I think you of all people will be able to carry off Plush Purple with your cool toned skin.. :D :D..

    I felt like the aquashine now has slightly greater lasting power coz it seemed a little sticky

    @Simran: I know, I would rather get a lipstick instead. :)... but even I am happy at the prices coming back to earth :P

  18. I swatched the pencils over the weekend and totally loved warm copper!!! Aqua green is good too but still a tricky colour to carry off and I have the same opinion abt plush purple like most people here...

    I so love the finish of aquashines but the staying power is a big disappointment!! Sigh!!!


  19. Hey Tanveer, Honest to the core review !! Thanks again

  20. @HD: I know, Aqua green would rock with the right outfit I guess :).. But Copper even I liked. It would look good on all skin tones :)

    Same here, I love the finish of aquashines, which is why I ended up with 3 in the first place :P

    @Deep: Thks a lot :)

  21. Awesome review Tanveer. I guess its really important to maintain some integrity on our part. Thank you for doing that.

  22. @Adorable: Thks a lot :D.. I agree, thks a lot for your support. It means a lot when a fellow blogger I respect says that :)

  23. love the copper the best..i think the other two are a bit dramatic in glitter..i dont use lipsticks much so not my cup of tea..but I like plum the most..

  24. @Sovina: Yup. Copper is the most wearable of the lot. It wld suit almost all skin types, except those who are super pale.


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