Blast from the Past & Happy Diwali

Hello people, I will not be posting for a week now (next post will be on 8th November) as I will get busy with Diwali preparations, am travelling to a very small town which is definitely not known for shopping or any exotic international brands. I'd be lucky if I were able to spot Lakme there.

I guess this break will be good for me to reflect on my highly consumerist, instant gratification, materialistic nature during this festival of the Goddess of Wealth.

Who Am I Kidding?? I am gonna miss Mumbai during Diwali! Every evening on my way back home I see my city getting decked like a new bride to welcome Diwali. Everything is lit up in glittering armies of light ants. Everything is glowing, pretty, shiny.. People are rushing about, shopping! *sigh*

Enough of my rant, moving on to more important things.....

Wish you all very Happy Diwali!

May this festival lights brighten your days with love, peace, joy, abundance and wisdom.

I thought I would leave you with some of my favourite posts from the past to browse through. These were written when I was new to the world of blogging. Indulge me, and pardon the silliness.

Happy Diwali!

Post List:

My favourite face pack of all times

My search for the tinted lip balms finally ends!

Got Pigmented lips & wondering how to sport that pale pink lipstick?

My favourite facewash

Zodiac signs & makeup series

My favourite tinted moisturiser

When Lakme tried to match up to Nars - False Alarm, btw.

Fairness & the Indian Woman - My Take

The Body Shop Facial Buffer makes its debut

The Body Shop Bath Gloves next

Take care people! See you soon :-D


  1. hey tanveer happy diwali and have a blast!!!!!!!

  2. happy diwali, i am missing mumbai infact India badly, the celebrations everything :'(

  3. Will miss your posts...Happy Diwali

  4. hey happy diwali..n enjoy ur break !!

  5. Happy Diwali Tanveer!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Enjoy your break, have a happy diwali......will miss u and ur posts

  7. Happy Diwali to you and your family!!! Have a great festival and will miss ya posts.

  8. Hey All! Very Happy Diwali to you too! Gonna miss you all a lot :)

    Retnu: I hope you are gonna be back for Diwali! :)

  9. hey gonna miss u ..have a great super duper :)

  10. hey Tanveer,
    have a happy diwali

  11. Happy Diwali to you and your family Tanveer!! Have loads and loads of fun! :)

  12. Happy Diwali babes! I hope your life is filled with all the make-up you want! And endless happiness! :)

  13. Happy Diwali and wish you a lot of prosperity.....take care :)

  14. Happy Diwali T. Have fun in the town of no shopping :P and yes reflect-reflect :D.


  15. wish you a very very happy diwali tanveer:)

  16. Happy diwali tanveer..enjoy your excursion!

  17. Happy Diwali Tanveer. Have a blast :)


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